7 Surprising Ways to Become Richer Within the Hour
7 Surprising Ways to Become Richer Within the Hour

on July 19, 2021

There’s hidden money all around you. You just have to know where to look.

Warren Buffett
8 Frugal Living Tips to Learn From Warren Buffett

on July 27, 2021

The Oracle of Omaha could live like a Kardashian, but he doesn’t.

The 5 Worst Ways to Withdraw From Your Retirement Accounts
The 5 Worst Ways to Withdraw From Your Retirement Accounts

on July 16, 2021

When it comes to taking money out of your IRA, 401(k) or 403(b), even a little mistake could cost you thousands.

10 Ways Seniors Can Save on Dental Care
10 Ways Seniors Can Save on Dental Care

on July 26, 2021

Medicare doesn’t usually cover dental care. Use these tips to protect your wallet and your teeth.

Sad senior looking out a window
5 Money Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Retirement

on July 27, 2021

If you don’t want to spend your golden years eating ramen, avoid these dumb moves.

5 Ways to Free Yourself From Debt
5 Ways to Free Yourself From Debt

on July 20, 2021

Here are easy steps you can take to get rid of your debt.

Happy woman sleeping peacefully in bed in the morning
What Homeowners Do to Sleep at Night

on July 24, 2021

When the curve balls of homeownership strike, a home warranty has you covered.

Woman with financial adviser
5 Hidden Features of 401(k) Plans That You Should Know About

on July 21, 2021

Are you missing out on any of these 401(k) benefits without realizing it?

Woman applying cosmetics
7 of the Best Things to Buy at Drugstores

on July 26, 2021

An expert shares the secret to snagging everyday items for less money — or even for free — at the drugstore.

Women from two generations, millennial and baby boomer
This Is the No. 1 Money Worry of Couples of All Ages

on July 26, 2021

Millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers don’t always agree, but they are in lockstep on one issue.

Unhappy man eating a burger
The 12 Worst Restaurants for Antibiotics in Beef

on July 27, 2021

Many popular chains earn failing grades for serving beef raised with the routine use of antibiotics.

Senior in glasses looking at a picture frame
11 Ideas for Living on Social Security Alone

on July 27, 2021

It’s entirely possible to get by on mainly your Social Security benefits — but it does take some planning.

Excited woman checking out her credit score
5 Simple Steps to Increase Your Credit Score in 30 Days

on July 19, 2021

It’s never been more important to have a powerful credit score.

Woman cutting a sheet of parchment paper
My Trick for Saving up to 80% on Parchment Paper

on July 26, 2021

This paper is essential for certain baking projects. Here’s how to cut the cost way, way down.

Man happily using laptop
12 Easy Ways To Make Make Money Online Without Leaving Home

and on March 25, 2020

If you’re hanging around the house a lot these days — and who isn’t? — use your time to make some extra cash.

Couple on European vacation
10 Travel Hacks to Save You Money When Booking a Vacation

on July 26, 2021

Don’t forget to pack in some big savings on your next trip.

Excited woman pointing at a laptop
7 Hidden Sections of Amazon Every Shopper Should Know

on February 19, 2021

These little-known departments of Amazon are gold mines for deal-seekers and impulse shoppers alike.

Physical therapist and patient
16 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get With a 2-Year Degree

on March 11, 2020

There are high-paying majors available in the U.S. — and no bachelor’s degree is required.

Woman overwhelmed by her expenses
9 Overlooked Expenses That Ruin Your Budget

on July 24, 2021

Does your budget blow up in your face every month? You’re probably forgetting to plan for one of these costs.

Woman shopping gift card
12 Ways You Can Get Gift Cards for Free

on July 23, 2021

Get yourself some extra buying power.

20 Cities With the Most Million-Dollar Homes
20 Cities With the Most Million-Dollar Homes

on July 26, 2021

In some cities, more than half of the homes cost at least a million dollars.

Older couple working on a budget
We’re About to Retire: How Can We Be Sure We’ve Saved Enough?

on July 26, 2021

It sure would be nice if there was some way to be absolutely certain the money won’t run out.

happy man with refrigerator
How to Buy a Refrigerator, Step by Step

on June 17, 2020

Here’s how I got the perfect appliance at the perfect price.

Shocked couple in debt
10 Bad Money Habits That Are Robbing You Blind

on July 22, 2021

Here’s how to change those bad behaviors.

Woman with books
21 Thrift Store Gems You Can Cash In On

on November 10, 2020

Here’s what to look for at that overstuffed thrift store — and how you can make money from it.

Unhappy homebuyers
8 Common and Costly Homebuying Myths

on July 27, 2021

Think you’re ready to buy a house? Don’t fall victim to these rookie mistakes.

Father and daughter with money
11 Small Money Moves That Will Make a Big Difference

on February 26, 2020

These small money moves will pay off big in the long run.

Retiree in Florida
When Is the Best Time of Year to Retire?

on July 27, 2021

Consider these factors to maximize the benefits of your chosen retirement date.

Woman with cup of coffee
16 Products That Coffee Drinkers Will Love

on March 9, 2021

We’ve brewed up a list of amazing Amazon products that are sure to perk you up.

Upset senior
12 Hard Truths About Retirement

on June 2, 2021

Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for — and adjust to — life in your golden years.

Costco Shop Card
7 Ways to Shop at Costco Without a Membership

on June 23, 2021

You don’t necessarily need to join to get in on the warehouse store’s savings.

Housewares at a garage sale
12 Things I Always Buy at Estate Sales

on July 22, 2021

Here’s what an expert estate sale shopper considers a great find — and why.

Couple using paper towels
20 Generic Brands That Amazon Created

on August 22, 2020

Amazon’s growing collection of private brands offers everything from toilet paper and coffee to motor oil and clothing.

Woman using a tablet
7 Places to Find Free Manufacturer Coupons Online

on July 7, 2021

If you have an internet connection, you should know about these free coupon resources.

Couple looking at their smartphones
29 Purchases That Can Save You Money Every Day

on July 12, 2021

Sometimes, you’ve got to spend to save.

Man shocked by debt
8 Surefire Ways to Get Rid of Debt ASAP

on October 6, 2020

Here’s how to pay off debt fast and pain-free.

Woman with paint roller
Painting Your Bathroom This Color Could Earn You Nearly $5,000

on July 19, 2021

Choosing the right hue can add a lot of green to your wallet at selling time.

Amazon Prime member holding packages
5 Ways to Get Amazon Prime for Free

on April 6, 2021

Hesitant to drop $119 a year on an Amazon Prime membership? Here’s how to get it for free.

Microsoft Office 365
3 Ways to Get Microsoft Office for Free

on December 24, 2020

With a little ingenuity, you can cut Office costs to zero.

Cash register
9 Stores That Will Pay You for Your Clutter

on June 4, 2021

These national chains will give you credit or cash for your stuff.

Happy driver
5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Your Car Smell Delightful

on May 18, 2020

These tips will leave your ride smelling delightful for next to nothing. Some options are also chemical-free.

Happy shopper buying a coat on sale
12 Ways to Never Pay Full Price for Anything

on July 8, 2021

Stop paying retail prices: Here are plenty of ways to accomplish that goal.

Happy senior couple
3 Costly Social Security Mistakes That Women Make

on July 22, 2021

Women face unique challenges when planning for retirement. Making these mistakes can result in less income.

Senior cooking at home
7 Health Foods You Can Make for a Fraction of the Cost

on May 20, 2021

You can create these and other trendy treats at home for lots less.

How Unwanted Gift Cards Save Me Hundreds of Dollars a Year
How Unwanted Gift Cards Save Me Hundreds of Dollars a Year

on March 13, 2018

A simple tactic helps me score deep discounts that are otherwise impossible. Here’s everything you need to know to do the same.

Woman drinking coffee in her kitchen
9 Products That Will Organize Your Home for Under $45

on September 30, 2020

These clever Amazon finds can help transform a messy nest into the pristine home of your dreams.

Woman with a lot of credit card debt
7 Easy Ways to Stay Out of Debt

on June 23, 2021

It doesn’t take much to slip into debt. These tips will help keep you from falling into the depths of fiscal despair.

Surprised older woman in shock
3 Tax Penalties That Can Ding Your Retirement Accounts

on February 18, 2021

Protecting a nest egg is tough enough. Don’t make the situation far worse.

Happy young man with money
5 Ways to Get Money for Your Old Phones and Electronics

on July 22, 2021

Here’s how to get cash for your old gadgets — or get rewarded for recycling them.