15 Cities With the Biggest Increase in Multi-Family Home Construction
15 Cities With the Biggest Increase in Multi-Family Home Construction

During a housing shortage, multi-family complexes like townhomes and apartments can make a big difference.

Woman using a tablet
These Are the 8 Best Benefits of Amazon Prime

These top-notch perks of a Prime membership won’t cost you a dime extra.

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10 Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For

These items should never be bought without a discount.

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36 Hazardous Products That Were Recalled in June

Did you catch these recent product recalls?

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13 of the Best Independence Day Sales in 2022

Celebrate the Fourth of July by shopping these top sales.

The 15 Best Cities in America for Hiking
The 15 Best Cities in America for Hiking

These places rank well for their trails, weather, camping sites and more.

Costco Wholesale
8 New Products at Costco in July

Every Costco shopper has their favorites, but why not try something new?

Recession Obsession: Is It Coming or Not?
Recession Obsession: Is It Coming or Not?

Is a recession on the way? That’s the question dominating the financial news these days. My response: Who cares? Here’s why.

Senior woman with a dog
Free Tool Helps Older People Pay for Rising Expenses

Seniors and those with disabilities can find help from nearly 2,000 benefits programs.

Money with Stacy Johnson
Paying Off Mortgages, Estate Planning and More: We Answer YOUR Questions

Got money questions? Here are some recent and common questions from readers, listeners and viewers — along with our answers.

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The 8 Best Things to Buy in July — and 5 to Avoid

Here’s how to navigate July’s shopping holidays.

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7 Reasons You Should Not Buy Life Insurance

In these situations, life insurance can hurt you more than it helps.

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20% of Older People Believe This, and It Could Ruin Their Retirement

A big misconception could doom millions of retirees to running out of money.

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When Inflation Meets Stagnation and What to Do About It

Is stagflation inevitable? And how should you handle it?

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11 Things That Are Free in July

In search of some sizzling hot summer deals? You’ve come to the right place.

Amazon boxes sit in a mailbox
Early Prime Day Deals Available Today

Yes, savings are already underway.

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13 Products That Are Still Made in USA

These famous brands still make products in America

sports super fans
15 Cities With the Most Professional Sports Championships

Successful professional sports teams seem to be concentrated in these cities.

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36 Things That Will Be Obsolete Soon

The writing is on the wall for dozens of things we have grown up with.

Man using a digital calendar on his computer
8 Financial Dates and Deadlines in July 2022

Mark your calendar now so you don’t risk a fine or miss an opportunity to save.

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