IRS building
IRS Hikes Penalties for Underpaying Taxes in 2023

The new rate takes effect next quarter.

Man pruning bushes
6 Benefits of a Living Fence

Living fences can be so much more beautiful than traditional fences — and they’re cheaper.

Federal Reserve
What Is ‘the Fed’ — and Why Should You Care?

The Federal Reserve has the power to make our lives better or more difficult.

5 Great Gifts on Sale at Amazon Today
5 Great Gifts on Sale at Amazon Today

As the holidays near, we’re highlighting some of the best gift ideas.

Thoughtful woman or housewife considering canceling subscription or cutting cost
Cut These 11 Expenses Now If You Hope to Retire Early

Do you like the idea of financial independence? Part of the FIRE equation is cutting costs.

Man holding a snow shovel
How the Hardiness Zone Map Helps With the Yard

Look at a plant’s tag at the gardening center to see if the zone where you live has the right range of temperatures.

7 Benefits of Installing a New Roof
7 Benefits of Installing a New Roof

A new roof can save you money and may even keep you healthy.

Happy businessman throwing money in a bathtub
13 Smart Habits of Millionaires You Should Adopt

Take a cue from millionaires and see if their habits could help you become wealthy too.

Woman holding a gift
18 Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Struggling to come up with gift ideas this holiday season? We’ve got you covered.

Laid off worker
7 Companies Laying Off Thousands of Workers

These big companies recently announced job cuts of 1,000 employees or more.

Stressed man worried about bills and money
How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck in 8 Steps

Is your paycheck gone the moment you get it? Here’s how to break that vicious cycle.

Young woman stressed about shopping looking at empty wallet
8 Ways to Stop Buying Things You Don’t Need

Retailers excel at convincing us to spend money on wants and impulse purchases. Here’s how to fight back.

Happy woman outside
9 Habits Happy People Use to Make Life Better

If you want to walk through life with a smile on your face, try these habits on for size.

Woman watching TV
8 Things You Should Rent Instead of Buying

You may think you’re looking at a must-have purchase. But run the numbers and think twice.

Homebuyer or renter shrugging with a pile of packed boxes ready to move to a new home from empty house
10 Markets With the Most Home Sales Getting Canceled

This might be a sign the housing market is settling down.

A woman drinking water
8 Glasses of Water a Day? Nonsense, Says a New Study

The one-size-fits-all recommendation does not hold water, researchers say.

Happy older worker in a meeting
9 Signs You Aren’t Yet Ready to Retire

Age is not the best indication that it’s time to retire. Other signs are more subtle, and more reliable.

Couple shopping online
It’s Cyber Monday: Here Are Some of Amazon’s Best Deals

Many of these discounts are at least as big as those offered on Black Friday.

The 15 States Where Spending on Child Care Is Highest
The 15 States Where Spending on Child Care Is Highest

Over the past two decades, child care costs have risen much faster than overall prices.

11 Retirement Funding Goals Everyone Ought to Hit by Age 50
11 Retirement Funding Goals Everyone Ought to Hit by Age 50

Nail these financial milestones so you can embrace your 50s — and the years beyond.

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