Disbelieving man in a red shirt
7 Red Flags of a Freeloader

Some people turn freeloading into an art form. Here’s how to spot the moochers and set some boundaries.

Car thief
3 Cities Where Vehicle Theft Is Surging

Car-related crimes have exploded nationwide, according to a new report.

Worried woman at home
12 Hidden Hazards in Your Home That You Should Not Ignore

While you’ve probably heard of many of these, the danger may not always be visible or seem urgent enough for you to take preventive action.

Vera Bradley bags
10 Deep Discounts Available on Amazon This Friday

These items are steeply discounted — but the deals won’t last long.

Woman getting a blood pressure check
Most Older Adults on Blood Pressure Meds Don’t Do This (but Should)

Doctors are failing to recommend something proven to help those with hypertension, a survey finds.

senior friends shopping
9 Steps for Creating Your Own Retirement Community

A DIY retirement community requires careful planning and diplomacy.

Homes over Lake Las Vegas in Nevada
10 Housing Markets That Are Cooling Fastest

These metro areas — most located in the same region of the country — are cooling after years of frenzied activity.

Family packing to move
People Are Fleeing These 10 Cities: Here’s Where They’re Moving

Residents are exiting three of the nation’s largest cities in big numbers.

Happy woman drinking coffee
15 Small Gadgets Under $25 That Make Life Better

These inexpensive electronics from Amazon will make your day-to-day life a little better.

Real estate agent
13 Jobs Where Most Workers Are Happy With Their Pay

Nearly half of U.S. workers are happy with their pay. In some professions, satisfaction is even higher.

Person looking at new titles and shows on Netflix on laptop
83 New Shows and Movies on Netflix in October

Here’s a list of everything new that’s coming to Netflix.

Woman receiving a scam text
IRS Warns of an ‘Exponential’ Increase in Texting Scams

The federal agency says that in the last few weeks, this type of fraud has “increased exponentially.”

4 Reasons People Are Quitting Netflix
4 Reasons People Are Quitting Netflix

The streaming service may be about to lose millions more subscribers, and this is why.

How to Make Money from What’s Coming: Web 3.0
How to Make Money from What’s Coming: Web 3.0

There’s a brand-new internet on the horizon. Here’s how to get in on the ground floor.

10 Reasons Why You Should Actually Retire at 62
10 Reasons Why You Should Actually Retire at 62

If you can, here are several good reasons to retire earlier than we’re generally told we should.

Unhappy woman at the grocery store
15 States Where Residents Are Spending the Most on Food

Inflation is making it even more difficult for residents struggling with food costs in these cities.

Blue Ridge Parkway
7 Scenic Road Trips for Enjoying Fall Foliage

You can find travel-worthy displays of color nestled in breathtaking natural surroundings across the U.S.

Don't do it say no look away
12 Things You Should Never Donate to Thrift Stores

Not all of your unwanted items are welcome at donation centers.

woman sitting in new car
The 15 Cars Most Likely to Last 200,000 Miles

These cars, SUVs and trucks definitely are built to last.

woman with piggy bank
13 Things Frugal People Never Do

Everyone approaches frugality a bit differently. However, there are some things frugal people never do.

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