Worried senior sitting in a hospital bed
Why Are Dying Seniors Changing Their Medicare Coverage?

A government report reveals a troubling pattern among Medicare enrollees in their last year of life.

Worried couple looking at bills in the morning at home with laptop and coffee
7 Great Tools to Help You Get Out of Debt

These free and cheap apps and sites can help you pay down debt and achieve financial freedom.

Worried retirees reviewing financial documents
These Are Retirees’ 5 Biggest Financial Fears in 2021

All of these money worries put most older Americans on edge, but their biggest worry has changed since last year.

New homeowners
15 Cities With the Highest Homeownership Rates

In these cities, more people are realizing the American Dream of homeownership.

Woman deep in thought
10 Things You Should Never Do With Bleach

Does the pandemic have you reaching for bleach more than ever before? Learn the ins and outs of using this powerful disinfectant.

Happy, confident woman smiling
Mild Case of COVID-19? Here’s How Long Your Immunity Will Last

Does getting modestly sick mean you will have less protection against the virus in the future?

Worried woman sitting on her sofa
6 Ways Older Americans Feel Unprepared for Retirement

These concerns are worrying a majority of older workers.

Girl painting pumpkin
The 15 Best Cities for Pumpkin Lovers

While we didn’t make any pumpkin pie charts, data on everything from farmers markets to festivals shows these places are the best for pumpkin fans.

Happy woman surrounded by money
The Average Net Worth by Age and How to Build It

Not sure if you’re on track with typical retirement saving goals? This may help you figure it out.

Senior man with piggybank
What Is the Average Retirement Savings by State?

Find out how much the average saver has tucked away for their golden years where you live — and everywhere else.

Worried car driver
10 Cars That Lose Most of Their Resale Value in 5 Years

Two types of vehicles are especially likely to see steep plunges in value.

Woman who is unhappily surprised
How to Avoid Being Surprised by 7 Nasty Expenses

Major expenses are difficult to predict, but there are ways to make sure you’re protected.

Woman thinking about her nest egg
7 Fast Ways to Catch Up on Retirement Savings

We talked with financial experts to get their ideas for how to fatten up your retirement account fast.

A senior couple is surprised
This Democratic Proposal Could Impact Your Social Security

The changes, if they became law, could result in permanent changes to Social Security benefits and raise taxes on high earners.

Woman in a Santa hat saving money for Christmas holiday shopping
Here’s How and When to Set Up a Christmas Saving Plan

The earlier you start, the less you need to save per week.

Happy woman relaxing in a hammock outdoors
7 Small Splurges That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life

Some purchases are hard to justify — but others make so much sense you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Snowbirds heading to Florida
The 10 Best U.S. Cities for Snowbirds This Winter

This year’s list also has places that will appeal to “zoombirds.”

Upset older woman with regrets
7 Things Workers Wish They Had Done When Saving for Retirement

These missed opportunities haunt older Americans who are still working.

Confused woman holding cash
6 Money Rules to Break to Save Your Mental Health

Were rules made to be broken? Well, maybe — for the right reasons.

Woman using a can opener in her kitchen
8 Surprising Household Items You Can Sell for Fast Cash

Sometimes, the humblest household items are worth the most money.

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