Woman deep in credit card debt
15 States Where Americans Have the Most Credit Cards

on June 20, 2024

Residents in these states report having the highest number of credit cards.

Woman holding credit card and bills, worried about debt
Can You Guess the Generation Most Likely to Carry a Credit Card Balance?

on June 19, 2024

Unmask the unexpected generation that is struggling the most to stay on top of credit card debt.

wife hugging her husband in front of the house they just moved in while holding key
15 Cities Where Homebuyers Get the Best Mortgage Rates

on June 14, 2024

Discover the major cities where homebuyers can secure mortgages at the best rates.

Laredo, Texas
7 Places to Buy Property for Big Profits in the Next Decade

on June 7, 2024

If you’d like to invest in real estate, industry experts say these cities might be the next big thing.

Surprised and frustrated woman homeowner looking at financial paperwork or invoicing for a repair bill or home maintenance costs
Is This Secret Report Affecting Your Home Insurance Rate?

on May 29, 2024

Here’s how insurers keep tabs on you — and what you can do about it.

U.S. national debt
Interest on National Debt Now Costs More Than Medicare

on May 15, 2024

The interest on our colossal national debt is the nation’s second-largest expense. And the situation is only getting worse.

Woman looking at her credit report
Credit Report Errors Are More Common Than You Might Think

on May 9, 2024

Think your credit report is flawless? A Consumer Reports survey suggests there’s a good chance you are wrong.

Columbia, South Carolina
Foreclosures Are Rising: 5 Places With the Most

on April 22, 2024

Homeowners in some U.S. metros are struggling to keep up.

Worried woman holding credit cards
10 States Where People Struggle Most With Credit Card Debt

on April 13, 2024

Borrowers are struggling with credit card debt in this places. Did your state make the top 10?

Unhappy man holding a credit card
15 States Where the Most People Carry a Credit Card Balance

on April 9, 2024

These are the states that stand to benefit the most from a credit card interest rate cut.

Happy older woman relieved she can manage her credit card debt
How to Pay Off $100,000 in Debt

on April 8, 2024

You can tackle your debt and pay it off with these smart strategies.

5 Things Credit Card Companies Don’t Want to Tell You
5 Things Credit Card Companies Don’t Want to Tell You

on March 20, 2024

But we will gladly let you know how to get more out of your plastic.

Unhappy man holding a credit card
Average Credit Score Falls for the First Time in Years

on March 6, 2024

Credit scores are considered a lagging economic indicator, so this could be bad news for many consumers.

Couple Getting Mortgage
What You Need to Know About Taking Out a Joint Mortgage

on March 4, 2024

Here’s how this option for buying a home works, plus its pros and cons.

How to Deal When Family and Friends Ask to Borrow
How to Deal When Family and Friends Ask to Borrow

on February 29, 2024

We’ve all been there: a friend or family member is asking for money. Here’s exactly how you should respond.

Man signing documents for a loan or payment of a debt and another pointing to the signature line and holding a pile of cash
8 Groups Who Can Avoid Fines for Retirement Withdrawals

on February 23, 2024

Under certain tough conditions or life-changing moments, the IRS is willing to waive penalties for early withdrawals from retirement accounts.

Older man holding up his hand in a stop gesture and holding a glass of water saying no
7 Times You Should Not Pay off a Mortgage Before Retiring

on February 23, 2024

It often makes financial sense to avoid paying off your mortgage before retiring.

Friends cooking and laughing in a kitchen
Does Buying a Home With Friends or Family Make Sense?

on February 19, 2024

Learn the pros and cons of co-buying property to see if it’s a good fit for you.

couple in front of home for sale by owner
7 Tips for Buying a Home With Your Partner

on February 15, 2024

Follow these tips to help make the process of buying a dream home together as smooth as possible.

Happy homebuyer
Buying a Home? Here’s How Much You Can Save Compared With Last Year

on February 14, 2024

Folks who bought a home this month saved an “astonishing” amount compared to shoppers who bought last fall, according to a new analysis of mortgage rates.

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