7 Horrible Money Habits That Are Killing Your Retirement
7 Horrible Money Habits That Are Killing Your Retirement

on June 20, 2024

Everybody has a bad habit or two. But let’s get rid of the ones that are costing you money.

Woman cleaning kitchen
11 ‘Disposable’ Items You Should Be Reusing

on June 20, 2024

Pad your bank account and help the environment with these simple hacks.

Costco Warehouse Club
Costco Just Released Dozens of New Deals

on June 20, 2024

These discounts are worth thousands of dollars collectively — but they’re for members only.

Friends toasting with red wine and eating charcuterie
36 Ways to Save Money While Dining Out

on June 20, 2024

These tips are invaluable for anyone who loves to dine out and save money.

Young couple in a hotel room
The 5 Most Valuable Hotel Rewards Programs to Join

on June 18, 2024

Moderate travelers will get the most out of these top loyalty programs.

Excited and happy shopper at the grocery store
This Grocery Shopping Trend Is Saving Consumers Big Money

on June 18, 2024

Folks are slashing their food bills by using this shrewd strategy.

Senior couple taking a selfie on deck of a ship.
4 Ways to Get Senior Discounts on Cruise Trips

and on June 18, 2024

Some major cruise lines offer discounts to travelers as young as age 50. And members of certain organizations can access additional savings.

Woman sitting next to shopping bags
How to Tell Whether Paid Loyalty Programs Are Worth It

on June 18, 2024

Paid loyalty programs could just siphon money from your wallet — or do your spending habits make them worth it?

Costco Wholesale warehouse storefront
12 Costco Products That Shoppers Say Shrank Recently

on June 14, 2024

Costco is known for big, big quantities. But shoppers have noticed some of its products getting smaller.

Man juicing vegetables in a blender
10 Deep Discounts Available on Amazon Today

on June 14, 2024

These items are steeply discounted — but the deals won’t last long.

Money Talks News the Podcast
5 Tips for Women to Build a Successful Business

on June 13, 2024

Owning your own business is a path to success for both men and women. Here are some great tips to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Woman with dog
4 Ways to Save on Pet Expenses in Hard Times

on June 13, 2024

Learn how you can continue to provide for your pets when times are tight.

Angry older woman with her arms crossed
Is My Husband’s Ex-Wife Really Allowed to Draw on His Social Security?

on June 12, 2024

For many remarried individuals, claiming benefits based on an ex-spouse’s record is not allowed. But there are exceptions.

Smiling happy woman doing grocery shopping and pushing the grocery cart
These Popular Stores Announced Price Cuts on Groceries and More

on June 12, 2024

These major chains are reducing prices on a number of items — here’s how to save.

Beach is Lewes, Delaware
27 Ways to Save on Your Summer Vacation

on June 12, 2024

Follow these tips to smart travel savings on airfare, car costs, lodging and entertainment this summer.

Young couple worried about debt
A National Discount on Internet Service Is Gone

on June 12, 2024

Here’s what to know about the program that lowered internet prices for millions of households.

View of mountains from an Alaskan Railroad Railway train
Travel by Train and Save Big With These Deals

on June 12, 2024

Here’s what to know about traveling by train and how it can help you save.

Confused man holding a calculator
5 Quick Ways to Save Money Right Now

on June 11, 2024

Use these strategies to help you trim the fat from your spending.

9 Genius Money Moves to Make Before Age 40
9 Genius Money Moves to Make Before Age 40

on June 10, 2024

Supercharge your finances and own your 40s with these savvy tips

Poverty-stricken, bankrupt, poor male with mustache eating a boot by candle light in a dirty, cold room, wearing a hat.
8 Depression-Era Recipes That Help Save You Money

on June 10, 2024

A little creativity and resourcefulness can go a long way to saving money in the kitchen.

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