Worried senior sitting in a hospital bed
Why Are Dying Seniors Changing Their Medicare Coverage?

on October 27, 2021

A government report reveals a troubling pattern among Medicare enrollees in their last year of life.

Woman who is unhappily surprised
How to Avoid Being Surprised by 7 Nasty Expenses

on October 26, 2021

Major expenses are difficult to predict, but there are ways to make sure you’re protected.

Woman in a Santa hat saving money for Christmas holiday shopping
Here’s How and When to Set Up a Christmas Saving Plan

on October 26, 2021

The earlier you start, the less you need to save per week.

Women upset about a high herating bill
Your Heating Bill Will Skyrocket This Winter — Here’s What to Do About It

on October 25, 2021

Your bills could rise 30% to 50%, depending on what kind of heat you use.

Nurse helping a senior fill out medical paperwork
6 Ways to Get Help With Medicare Expenses

on October 25, 2021

Do you qualify for any of these plans or programs that help pay for Medicare costs?

33 Home Upgrades That Cost Less Than $100
33 Home Upgrades That Cost Less Than $100

and on October 25, 2021

A little money goes a long way with these imaginative projects. You can do most of them yourself.

woman confused frustrated questioning
401(k) Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

on October 22, 2021

A 401(k) can be a powerful saving tool, but you could miss out on benefits if you make these mistakes.

Senior using a smartphone
Financing Your Phone With a Prepaid Cellphone Carrier

on October 22, 2021

One attraction of the bigger carriers is their deals on new phones. But you can enjoy a new phone on prepaid carriers without paying interest too — here’s how.

Happy senior couple at a beach
13 Senior Discounts for Anyone Age 55 or Older

on October 22, 2021

There is no need to wait until you’re 65 to take advantage of so-called “senior” discounts.

college graduate with money
12 Money Tips for New College Graduates

on October 21, 2021

This advice can help set you on the path to financial success.

Older woman getting a haircut
How I Save $96 on a Haircut and Coloring

on October 20, 2021

My hair still looks and feels great. But now so does my budget.

Family watching TV
This Free Streaming Service Is Adding More Than 20 Channels

on October 20, 2021

They will include live local news, financial news, kids programming and Spanish programming.

Happy senior retiree living abroad in a tropical area
The 10 Best Countries for Pensions

on October 20, 2021

Citizens of these nations enjoy the finest pensions in the world, according to one recent study.

Senior couple on the beach
Where to Find Travel Discounts for Seniors

on October 19, 2021

Whether you’re looking for things to do nearby or abroad, there are plenty of ways to save.

Doctor talking to an older patient in her office
Medicare Open Enrollment Just Started — Here’s What’s New for 2022

on October 19, 2021

Take this opportunity to review your coverage.

These Walmart Shoppers Will Get Early Black Friday Deals

on October 18, 2021

Some items will be available at big discounts starting today.

7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween on a Budget
7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween on a Budget

on October 18, 2021

You can have loads of spooky fun without frightening your finances.

Woman smiling and using iPhone smartphone
Which iPhone Is Right for You?

on October 15, 2021

Here’s a good look at the price points of different models and which one is worth it for the features you need.

Sad baby boomer retiree in a chair
The Top Reason Baby Boomers Are Putting More Away for Retirement

on October 15, 2021

The unique circumstances boomers have experienced may have made them take economic conditions more seriously.

Upset man looking at a bill
You Likely Spend a Lot More Than You Realize on This

on October 15, 2021

Most consumers underestimate this expense by more than $200 per month.

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