Cool Trend for Women: FYOE (Freeze Your Own Eggs) Parties

Forget Tupperware parties. These get-togethers sell women on safeguarding the option of motherhood.

You’re probably familiar with Tupperware parties, or the ones that featured Mary Kay cosmetics. And we’ve all been to parties dubbed BYOB. But what about FYOE — freeze your own eggs — shindigs? The egg-freezing theme is the newest trend in parties for women.

Of course, women don’t actually freeze any eggs at the party. Instead, it’s an event, typically accompanied by alcoholic beverages and hors do ‘oeuvres, where women can learn about fertility and the process (and expense) associated with retrieving and freezing their eggs.

According to the Los Angeles Times, egg freezing “is neither a sure thing nor cheap, running $10,000 or more a cycle, not to mention hundreds of dollars a year in storage fees, and rarely covered by insurance or employers.” But for some women, it may provide them the opportunity to be a mom later on.

With many women opting to establish a career before starting a family, or simply choosing to have children later in life, egg-freezing is becoming more popular.

“Everyone who can afford to freeze their eggs should freeze their eggs. Women should take this seriously,” said Dr. Vicken Sahakia at a recent egg-freezing party in Santa Monica. “The older you are, the more eggs you need. The older you are, the fewer eggs you produce.”

Dr. Joseph Doyle, a reproductive endocrinologist at Shady Grove Fertility Centre in Maryland, told ABC that a significant number of women have been able to conceive because they froze their eggs.

“If you electively freeze your eggs and you’re less than 38 years of age, we’re seeing about half of the women who thaw 10 eggs who go home with a baby from that group. That’s really powerful data,” Doyle said.

If a woman wants to freeze her eggs and she’s able to afford the egg-freezing procedure, why not? I think the egg-freezing parties are a little weird, but that’s just me. I think a one-on-one consultation with a doctor would be the best way to get information.

Reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh disagrees. She hosts egg-freezing parties across the United States. Eyvazzadeh told WJLA that taking the fertility discussion out of the exam room and into a social setting is a great way to get more women talking about fertility and the options available to them.

“I just feel like something greater is going to come out of this … a way for me to be able to educate women on a national level,” she said.

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