N.J. Teen Who Sued Her Parents Returns Home

After suing her parents for financial support, Rachel Canning decides to move back to her parents’ home.

High school senior Rachel Canning reportedly returned home to her parents in Roseland, N.J., this week, just a week after she took them to court, seeking financial support and college tuition.

Canning claimed her parents kicked her out of the house when she turned 18, which her folks denied, saying the teen left voluntarily.

Angelo Sarno, who represents Rachel’s parents, said in a statement, “Her return home is not contingent on any financial and/or other considerations.”

The teen’s lawsuit against Sean and Elizabeth Canning triggered a media frenzy, as many people questioned the suit’s potential legal ramifications and whether or not Canning was a spoiled teen who felt entitled to her folks’ money.

State Superior Court Judge Peter Bogaard said he was concerned that the suit could lead to teenagers “thumbing their noses” at their parents, leaving home and then asking for financial support. According to the Los Angeles Times:

“Are we going to open the gates for 12-year-olds to sue for an Xbox? For 13-year-olds to sue for an iPhone?,” he asked. “We should be mindful of a potentially slippery slope.”

While the lawsuit has not yet been officially dropped, it appears the family conflict has been resolved, at least for now. According to CNN:

“The bottom line is it’s over,” Sarno said at a news conference. “It’s ancient history, it’s done. They’ve welcomed her back into the house.”

Rachel Canning’s lawyer, Tanya Helfand, said in court documents that if Canning decides to drop the lawsuit against her parents, it should “be done of her own free will and not due to the extreme pressure of her parents and the media.” The judge has already denied her request for living expenses and high school tuition, CNN says.

Canning is an honor student, cheerleader and lacrosse player at a private Catholic high school in New Jersey. She plans to attend college and study biomedical engineering.

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  • BukaHanersib

    Having moved back home seems to indicate that she’s learned something. Let’s hope that’s really what has happened.

  • Linda Davis

    We all have to live with our choices. Her parents allowing her to move back home … not so sure about that decision. I believe that generations repeat themselves in behavior. Personally, I would not have allowed her to return. It was her choice to move out. She had everything laid out for her on a silver platter. The parents efforts were not appreciated. I live in Christ … know the prodigal son returns, etc. This case was too much. Not sure the lesson was learned … and that it won’t repeat itself.

  • mibtp

    Her parents should have wiped their hands clean of this brat for good. Letting someone that delusional and entitled back into the house will only cause more pain.

  • This is an example of how spoiled some kids can be after mom and dad failed to teach personal responsibility and discipline. They have done a great disservice to her by allowing her back. Shame on them. And odds are she will soon be gone again.
    I had a niece who left home several times, always welcomed back with open arms and no repercussions. As far as I know, no one knows where she is now or what happened to her.

  • Nick in Mass

    I’m glad she moved back home and the family reconciled, for now, however, if she pulls anything like this again, she’s be gone if she were my kid. Apparently , she woke up and realized she had a good thing going at home and decided to suck it up , finish HS and then get mom and dad to pay for college, at which point she’ll probably drop the bomb and tell them to get lost, and , oh , by the way, thanks for paying for everything…just saying.

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