Worst Job in the World? Oakland Raiders Cheerleader

NFL cheerleaders always look so happy on the HDTV screen. It appears some have reason not to be.

Imagine competing for a job that pays about $5 an hour, doesn’t reimburse all business expenses, and issues monetary fines for seemingly minor infractions. That’s how a new lawsuit describes the job of Oakland Raiders cheerleaders. And you thought this was a glamorous career.

Reports the San Jose Mercury News:

The suit, filed in Alameda County Superior Court on behalf of current and former Raiderettes, claims that the Raiders organization engaged in wage theft and other unfair employment practices. Specifically, the suit charges that the team withholds all pay from the Raiderettes until after the season is completed, does not pay for all hours worked and forces the cheerleaders to pay many of their own business expenses.

Fox News adds: “Perhaps adding insult to injury, the cheerleader’s lawyer says NFL teams’ male mascots are treated as paid employees with benefits.”

Lead plaintiff Lacy T. (whose last name was not made public for security reasons) said in a statement she hopes other cheerleaders around the National Football League will join the suit. Only six of the 32 NFL teams don’t have cheerleading squads.

The Raiderettes’ contract says they’re supposed to be paid $125 per home game, the lawsuit says.

But, says SFGate:

The suit said Raiderettes are required to take part, without pay, in two to three rehearsals per week, the 10 charity events, a team rally, Fan Day and the swimsuit calendar photo-shoot. They must also pay the costs of traveling to those events, it said.

in addition, cheerleaders are required to pay out-of-pocket for things like yoga mats and the services of a team-selected hairstylist, the suit alleges. The cheerleaders also get fined $10 for infractions, like bringing the wrong pom-poms or yoga mat to practice.

The Raiders organization has declined to comment.

Stacy Johnson

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  • The obvious question is, why do young sexy women do this job?

    • cybrarian_ca

      Because they are gullible enough to believe it will lead to more. Just because someone will do something that is a bad deal does NOT mean it should be allowed. People compete desperately for jobs in unsafe mines too – should that excuse the behavior of robber barons? There are reasons for employment laws.

      • George King

        I agree, intern jobs (non paying of course) are taken to gain experience in the field of choice with no guarantee of job placement. I see a lot of technical internships from Medical, Pharmacy students and many more. These internships of course can be taken advantage of as well when used as free labor by constant turn over without any actual hiring taking place.

        Some are a good collaboration between the Technical School and Company as part of training where it does augment the course material but not always.

      • For many of them it may lead to something more. Maybe they will marry a player. Maybe they will be hit by a bus. They take this job by choice. They have one thing to offer in a job like this – their looks. For every one who takes this job there are 100 waiting for her to drop, hoping to take her place.
        These are not mine workers who may not have a lot of choice in vocation. You are comparing apples to oranges.
        Would you think this way about the world’s oldest profession? My bet is, street walkers have less choice than the girls who take cheerleader jobs.

  • JMHO

    Worst job in the world… Sewage worker!!! Name 1 person who would actually pick that as their first choice profession! Please retitle THIS article pronto!! What a disgrace!! Boo-Hoo in my Cheerios this morning haha Come on ppl

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