Your Credit Union On Every Corner?

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Credit Unions traditionally offer higher interest rates and lower fees than banks. The only problem: if you want to make a deposit or use an ATM, visiting a branch of your union might not be convenient or even possible. But, thanks to “Credit Union Sharing”, that’s all about to change.

Credit unions are joining together to form networks that will allow you to enter any networked branch, anywhere in the country (even internationally), and bank just as if you were at your home branch. In other words, if you’ve kept “location” on your list of reasons to pass on the local credit union, you may have to think again.

Why switch to a credit union? Simple… lower interest rates on loans and higher interest rates on savings. In the current economy, an extra percentage point or two on your savings account, or off your auto-loan, can really help. So definitely check out a credit union.

To find out if your union is a member of a network, just ask, or check it out online.

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