Financial Advice for the Truly Stupid

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We like to have a little fun now and then by producing videos for no other purpose than to see if we can make you laugh. Check this one out: if works for you, pass it on!

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  • Y2KJillian

    Hi, this article didn’t load on my computer.
    Found it while searching for “recovering from stupid buying choices”
    Do you have any advice on how to recover after making a very stupid (usually way too fast) financial decision that you’re stuck with?
    (Falling for a salesman’s pitch even though you usually don’t? Then waiting too long to realize you fell for it, and now you have
    big buyer’s remorse, but they’re already installing, let’s just say, the metal life-time roofing? Or you’ve already driven that slightly used car over the 150 mile limit on the return policy?) I’m not saying how to exactly UNDO the mistake, but how to live with yourself and try to recoup your savings and self-esteem. It takes a lot of bargain-basement toothpaste to pay for that over-priced but not really “wrong” car. You should’ve slept on it and shopped around but you were dazzled and bit, hook, line, and sinker. Any advice?