Walmart’s Plan to Fill Empty Shelves: Green Dots

The company may also tie executive pay to how well its stores are kept stocked, if shareholders support the idea.

We recently asked if Walmart was letting you down and got dozens of comments. Many of you mentioned empty shelves, long lines and not enough employees.

Here’s what Walmart is doing about it: adding neon green dots around the store, Bloomberg says.

You’ll find the dots next to price stickers for everything from peanut M&Ms to Hanes boxer briefs and Crest toothpaste. Those are among 800 products Walmart considers important and that it pays a consulting firm to track the availability of, Bloomberg says.

As a result, employees are wasting time plastering stickers by key products while non-stickered shelves around them go empty, according to one current and one former employee who spoke with Bloomberg.

One idea Walmart came up with that might work better is tying executive and manager pay to metrics such as how well shelves are kept stocked. That proposal will be voted on by shareholders at a June meeting, Bloomberg says.

But here’s a more obvious solution: Hire more people. Walmart is bound to get a lot of new applicants, since next week the company launches its program to hire veterans who left military service in the last year.

Stacy Johnson

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  • Jean Torill

    The idea is to stay away from Walmart. Walmart has ruined our country. They move in, other stores shut down and Walmart raises its prices. I can get meat at lower prices and much better quality AND ground fresh while I wait – at mom and pop places. And I can be sure there is no pink slime in there. Walmart looked me in the eye and lied when they told me their ground meat doesn’t have pink slime. It was not too much later that articles said they finally admitted it. Just look at all the websites of “I hate walmart”. WHY should we keep them in business?

  • taxpayer1124

    Rather than green dots, I much rather see QR codes on a price tage. If the shelf is empty, I can take my cellphone, scan the code square and get taken right to the company website to order the item on-line for home delivery. Since I scanned it from a store that was obviously out-of-stock, the company can offer free 2-3 day expidited delivery. Everybody is happy!

    • Deana Marie

      You can get kicked out for taking pictures of anything in Walmart including QR codes. My boyfriend got told off for trying to do stuff with QR codes and he works there.

  • Spanky_Buckwheat

    I never understood why they put in 38 check out lines and never have more than 4 open at a time. Now, some Walmart stores are adding the “Self Service” stations where they have one unlucky Walmart employee trying to teach 4 to 6 people how to use it while the ones that already know how to use it are stuck waiting in line for 20 – 30 minutes. They don’t limit the number of items at the Self Service registers so the first someone uses it they are dragging 2 overloaded carts up the register and the first thing they do is scan an item and stick it back in the cart prompting the “red light”.
    But, as has been pointed out. Just don’t go to Walmart!!!!

  • beesmommie3

    I have been to walmart twice in the past week only to find EVERYTHING picked over. I am sick and tired of the empty shelves on even the most basic things like potatoes or margarine. I would love to take my business back to Kroger full time but the reality is unless you hit a huge sale, you’re paying almost twice as much for items.

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