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I'm a freelance journalist living in South Florida. If I'm not writing, I'm playing video games or at the beach. My favorite spice is oregano, and I thought you should know. I got my bachelor's degree in English and public communication from Florida Atlantic University in 2008.

Homebuyer or renter shrugging with a pile of packed boxes ready to move to a new home from empty house
10 Markets With the Most Home Sales Getting Canceled

on November 29, 2022

This might be a sign the housing market is settling down.

Police car lights
5 Things You Should Never Do in America, According to Reddit

on November 24, 2022

These mistakes might seem obvious — if you’re from here. But do you know what happens if you do these things?

Frustrated female driver stuck in traffic screaming and honking horn
The 10 Worst U.S. Cities for Drivers

on November 23, 2022

You’re more likely to get stuck in traffic and to sit there for longer in these places.

Wealthy businesswoman in New York City
The 8 Wealthiest Cities in America

on November 21, 2022

A recent report estimates how many millionaires and billionaires live around the world. We have a lot of them.

Skeptical confused man looking at a suspicious text message on his phone
7 Text Message Scams to Avoid and Report Immediately

on November 21, 2022

Watch out. These are some recent and ongoing tactics commonly used to rip us off.

Woman shocked by something she's reading online
How to Remove Personal Information From Google Search Results

on November 21, 2022

You can tell Google to remove search results that reveal your private information and put you at risk.

5 Handy Keyboard Shortcuts That Make Internet Life Easier

on November 18, 2022

These are almost as useful as “copy,” “paste” and “undo” shortcuts.

senior couple sitting on couch
The Top 5 Reasons Seniors Chose Their Medicare Coverage

on November 17, 2022

It’s a big decision, and may be a difficult one. Seniors tackle it from many common angles.

Unhappy man watching TV
4 Reasons People Are Quitting Netflix

on November 15, 2022

The streaming service may be about to lose millions more subscribers.

stressful travel
The 10 Rudest Things You Can Do on an Airplane Flight

on November 14, 2022

Since a majority of Americans agree these behaviors are annoying, we can all agree not to do them. Right?

Medicare insurance broker
Feds to Crack Down on Medicare Advantage Ads

on November 10, 2022

Misleading and inaccurate advertisements are no longer going to fly, starting in January.

Fearful senior sitting in the dark
Baby Boomers’ 9 Greatest Fears About Retirement

on November 9, 2022

For many, having the goal in sight makes them less fearful than people of younger generations. In others, the fears may seem all too real.

Woman excited about her credit card rewards and using a laptop to book travel
How Inflation Affects Your Credit Card Rewards

on November 8, 2022

It’s not what you’d expect, according to a new analysis.

Man setting up a wireless internet router
The 3 Best Internet Router Brands, According to Shoppers

on November 8, 2022

Is your Wi-Fi not working as well as you’d like? Maybe it’s time to try one of these brands.

Shocked senior woman
The 15 Most Expensive States for Retirees

on November 7, 2022

While these places all have good things going for them, being affordable is not one of them.

American voters in the voting booth participating in the election at the polls
7 Big Issues for American Voters in 2022

on November 2, 2022

As Americans head to the polls, voters say these concerns weigh on their minds.

Man guarding the money in his wallet and protecting it with a lock and chain
Americans Are Losing $445 Monthly to Inflation: Here’s How to Protect Your Wallet

on November 2, 2022

High inflation comes with unique challenges — and an opportunity or two.

Happy family celebrating Thanksgiving with a toast of wine
9 Thanksgiving Groceries That Will Cost a Lot More This Year

on November 1, 2022

Food prices in general are up, but these holidays favorites have seen more dramatic price increases.

Stressed woman calculating income or expenses
What Income Level Is Considered Poverty in Your State?

on October 28, 2022

Many numbers can be thrown around for “poverty level.” Here’s how to figure out the right one.

Smug senior wearing a crown is an authority
13 Types of Retirement Income That Are Not Taxable

on October 25, 2022

There are lots of things Uncle Sam can’t touch — so long as you play by the rules.

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