Dan Schointuch

Dan Schointuch

I’ve always been into computers.

I learned to program BASIC on an Apple IIe when I was 12, then progressed to creating homemade video games in HyperCard and TI-BASIC. My interest in the Internet began in 1994 just after the birth of Netscape Navigator, and three years later at age 15, I started a freelance web development business.

But I was also into student government, politics, policy and legislation, volunteering on local campaigns, lobbying Congress on behalf of MADD, and attending Harvard Model Congress. My second year there, I joined their television simulation “HMC-TV”, and received an award for helping transform it into a highlight of the program.

That’s where I developed a love of journalism and media, along with an appreciation for the role it plays in our democracy.

After graduating Emory University in 2006 with a degree in Film Studies, I teamed up with Stacy to turn a successful television broadcast company into a web publishing powerhouse.

Back then, we had a little more than 1,000 visitors a month. But today Money Talks News serves more than 2 million pages monthly, has nearly 300,000 email subscribers, and partnerships with the web’s largest portals, including MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, and Comcast.

My girlfriend and I live in Seattle with our cat, and have yet to notice the rain.

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