Looking for Cheaper Cell Service? T-Mobile’s Got a Deal for You!

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If you’re looking for an easy way to save big bucks next year, check out this offer from T-Mobile:

This weekend only, they’ll give you two free lines on any of their plans. So a fully unlimited plan with unlimited LTE data for four people is only $120 per month! If you’re paying more than that, you owe it to your holiday shopping budget to take a look.

T-Mobile / Money Talks News
T-Mobile / Money Talks News

Not just for families

Yes, it’s called a family plan, but T-Mobile’s family plans aren’t just for biological families. Any four people can sign up and share the cost. In college I took advantage of a deal like this by signing up for a family cellphone plan with some of my friends. Compared with what we were all paying individually, we saved around 60 percent.

Worried about coverage? You might not need to be

One of my favorite features of T-Mobile is Wi-Fi Calling. Once you activate it (for free), your calls will automatically go over your phone’s Wi-Fi connection instead of relying on being near a cell tower. In other words, you’ll have perfect service anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection, anywhere in the world!

They’ve also expanded their cellular network over the past several years, and the only places in the United States where I’ve had real trouble getting service have been our wonderful national parks (but that’s sort of the point of going there).

Like to travel? So do I

My wife is from France, so we try to make a trip or two each year to visit her family. (Check out some of our best frugal holiday travel tips here.) I can not tell you how much of a lifesaver T-Mobile’s unlimited international data is.

We used to have service with AT&T and traveling internationally meant either paying their exorbitant prices for international data (which you should never do) or hunting around for a compatible SIM card from a local service provider. The last time I tried that, I paid $100 for what I had been told was 1GB of data. Turns out, it was only 100 MB. I paid $1 per MB. Don’t be me.

Fortunately, that’s never been a problem with T-Mobile as I can take out my phone and look something up online just like I do at home without paying anything extra.

This weekend only

Their deal for two free lines is for this weekend only, so if you’re interested, click here to sign up. You can take your current number with you, and they’ll even pay your cancellation fees.

And that’s not all

You’ll also find deals on cellphones, battery packs, Bluetooth headsets and a wireless speaker all available this weekend. Here’s a list of what they’ve got:

  • Upgrading to a free Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone after 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in a Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 or other device.
  • A free Samsung Gear VR — which is a smartphone-compatible virtual-reality headset — and $50 Oculus app store gift card when you get a Samsung Galaxy S7 (including the free upgrade one above) or Galaxy S7 edge.
  • A free Samsung Tab E tablet or LG Gpad X tablet after 24 monthly bill credits with a T-Mobile ONE tablet plan.
  • $70 off the UE BOOM 2 wireless speaker.
  • $30 off the LG Tone Pro 760 Bluetooth headset.
  • $50 off the Mophie Powerstation Mini, which is a portable external battery charger for smartphones.

Sign up quick

The deal expires on Sunday, Nov. 20, so if you’re interested, make sure to click here and start the process now.

Editor’s note: Karla Bowsher contributed to this story.

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