Not for Fido: Thanksgiving Food That Could Be Dangerous for Dogs

Here are eight things that could give your pet a holiday trip to the hospital. Be careful.

We recently warned Halloween Candy Can Kill Pets, and now it just seems like holidays aren’t very pet-friendly. The Dogington Post (isn’t that cute?) has a helpful infographic on what holiday treats you can’t share with your puppy. It’s embedded below.


Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Stacy Johnson

It's not the usual blah, blah, blah

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  • grandmaguest

    After some 40+ years in the veterinary profession I concur with everything listed…but would also include cats.

    I will say however, don’t panic if baby Susie or Billy drops a little something and Fido or Fluffy gobbles it up. Just don’t let them eat the entire plateful. *** But if it is a bone…do your best to grab it first!!*** You may have fed your furbabies bones for years without any problems, but believe me (I’ve seen it many times in surgery) it only takes once to have a punctured stomach or intestine and you could lose your precious pet and/or spend thousands on surgery to try to save them. And it’s not a pleasant way for them or anyone to die.

  • Beveanne Harrold

    raisins and grapes are also dangerous for your fur kids

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