Way to Save #114: Water Early

on November 10, 2009

Try to water your lawn between 6 and 8 AM. That minimizes evaporation.

Way to Save #113: Think Low Flow

on November 9, 2009

Put your water on restriction. Low-flow showerheads can save a family up to $200 per year by reducing water flow by up to 50%.

Way to Save #112: Dress For Success

on November 8, 2009

Don’t try to stay dressed in shorts all winter long. Wear clothing appropriate to the season, and adjust your thermostat accordingly.

Way to Save #111: Use Your Fireplace

on November 7, 2009

Wood is still usually cheaper than gas. But be sure and close your flue tightly when you’re not using it, and make sure the fit is snug. Caulk around the hearth. If you don’t use your fireplace at all, plug and seal your chimney flue.

Way to Save #110: The Furnace Pilot Light

on November 6, 2009

Turn off your furnace pilot light in the summer. You can also save by turning off your stove’s pilot light and using a lighter.

Way to Save #109: Plant A Tree

on November 5, 2009

A tree planted on the south side of your house can provide shade in the summer. Don’t plant an evergreen, though: you want those leaves gone in the winter.

Way to Save #108: Fix Leaky Faucets

on November 4, 2009

Don’t be a drip. Leaky faucets are a problem, but leaking hot water is an emergency. Hot water drips can cost you $25 per month!

Way to Save #107: Blanket Your Water Heater

on November 3, 2009

Stay out of hot water. You can buy a water heater blanket for about $15 that will save you about $50 per year. And while you’re at it, insulate the pipes as well. If you can set your water heater to only be used at certain times of the day and turned off at night, … Continued

Way to Save #106: Use Turbines

on November 2, 2009

Turbine fans on the roof will let out summer heat, but be sure to cover them in the winter.

Way to Save #105: Go For The Juice

on November 1, 2009

Go for the juice. A 220-volt air conditioner is cheaper to run than a 120 volt.

Way to Save #104: Electric Blankets

on October 31, 2009

Cover yourself. An electric blanket only costs a little over a penny per hour to operate. Buy one cheap at a yard sale.

Way to Save #103: Weather Strip

on October 30, 2009

Be a stripper. Weather strip all your doors and windows.

Way to Save #102: Close Doors, Not Vents

on October 29, 2009

Close off rooms you’re not using, but be careful about closing vents. Closing too many vents can reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling. This is especially true for heat pumps.

Way to Save #101: Watch The Temperature

on October 28, 2009

An indoor/outdoor thermometer can tell you when to open and close your windows and doors.

Way to Save #100: Beware Portable Heaters

on October 27, 2009

Using a portable heater costs close to nine cents per hour. So using one eight hours per day will cost about five bucks a week, or $20 per month.

Way to Save #99: Use Your Drapes

on October 26, 2009

In the winter, open your south-facing drapes during the day to capture heat, then close them at night to keep it in. Do the opposite in the summer.

Way to Save #98: Be Careful With Vent Fans

on October 25, 2009

Believe it or not, a kitchen or bath ventilation fan can completely empty a house of warm or cool air in about an hour. Use them, then turn them off.

Way to Save #97: Try A Heat Pump

on October 24, 2009

While they may not be the perfect solution for all parts of the country, a heat pump can reduce your power bills by 40%.

Way to Save #96: Insulate

on October 23, 2009

Adding insulation can reduce cooling and heating costs by up to 20%. Some utility companies even offer rebates to help defray the cost, and the cost isn’t that much anyway. You can add insulation to a 1500 square foot home for about 200 bucks. Extra insulation in the attic can easily pay for itself in … Continued

Way to Save #95: Use Ceiling Fans

on October 22, 2009

Ceiling fans cost less than 1/10 of what air conditioners cost to run. In the winter, reverse the blade direction to force warm air down from the ceiling.

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