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News Producer (Posted 1/26/2012)

Money Talks News, one of the nation`s largest (80 markets) and oldest (21
years of continuous production) syndicated news services seeks a talented,
experienced and ambitious writer/producer who lives to create compelling
consumer/personal finance news.

This position will be freelance, and you`ll work from home. The closer that
home is to Fort Lauderdale, the better.

Since 1990, I`ve produced more than 3,000 personal finance news stories –

I`m looking for someone smarter, faster, more creative and all around better
than I am.

You`ll need an interest in and working knowledge of consumer/personal
finance news, as well as extensive experience in researching, writing,
setting up and creating riveting, fast-paced news stories. Internet
knowledge is a definite plus: We do millions of video streams monthly on the
world`s biggest money-related websites.

If you`re ready to set your own hours, use your imagination, be independent,
work in an unstructured environment, make more money and have a hell of a
lot more fun, I`d like to talk to you!

Important: This is not a training gig. If you don`t have the minimum
experience I`m looking for, please don`t waste your time or mine. And that
experience must be in news.

Check out our work at and tell me how you`d make it

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