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For 27 years, Money Talks News has been helping millions of viewers nationwide save more, spend less, earn extra income and avoid rip-offs. We give your viewers what they want: content that is timely, relevant and effective.

We help your station’s bottom line, too.

Money Talks News is one of the longest running talent-driven franchises in the history of local news. That’s because we don’t just put money in our viewers’ pockets; We’re the most affordable franchise around.

Working with us is simple

  • Our content is pre-produced and self-contained. Every video comes with a broadcast script and an accompanying article for your website.
  • Our contract is month to month and less than two pages long, straightforward and simple. We’ll have you up and running in less than five minutes.
  • We deliver! Producers can download video and scripts (including SOT teases and suggested anchor intros) in seconds. It’s plug and play.

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Don’t take our word for it: Here’s what news managers have said throughout the years

“I’m consistently impressed by Stacy Johnson’s creativity and imagination in visualizing his segments. Coupled with his enthusiastic, energetic delivery, Stacy does an excellent job of story telling with a style that’s simple, yet interesting and informative for viewers to watch and understand.”

Lee Giles, VP News (retired)
Indianapolis, IN

“This CPA could teach many reporters a lesson or two about writing to video, demonstrative stand-ups and illustrative analogies that drive a story home. His delivery is energetic and friendly. His personal attention to client satisfaction is wonderful, and his locally branded website content is first-rate.”

Eric Huseby, News Director
El Paso, TX

“Money Talks is timely and relevant….loaded with information…keeps improving in quality of video and graphics…Stacy is a great storyteller!”

Kay Miller, News Director
Sarasota, FL

“Money Talks is a great, down-to-earth approach to everyday finances. Stacy makes us feel better about the money decisions we make every day.”

Ted Linn, News Director
Fort Wayne, IN

“Stacy does a great job of taking an often mundane topic like money and making it interesting to the average viewer, better than anyone I’ve seen.”

Jack Caudill, News Director/Anchor
Rapid City, SD

“It’s a down to earth series that explains everyday money matters and issues in a down to earth way that viewers can understand. The Money Talks topics are issues and concerns that impact the every-day viewer”.

Mike Wright, News Director
Rockford, IL

“Money and love are the most important things in the world. Stacy Johnson is the only journalist speaking ‘English’ when it comes to talking money. I make an appointment to watch his reports.”

Lynn Heider, News Director
Jacksonville, FL

“Why do I like Money Talks? So many franchises just repeat information people already know. Stacy tells us things we don’t know, and does it with humor and style. On top of that, he’s not afraid to tell the truth. I don’t like ‘canned news,’ but I love Money Talks.”

Scott Atkinson, News Director
Watertown, NY

“Money Talks continues to be relevant to the times in which we live. Stacy has a way to cut through video-poor stories with clever stand-ups and everyday comparisons that steer viewers towards smart decisions. Money Talks is a staple of our 5pm newscast. Money Talks is the type of lifestyle reporting that Stacy is great at. It’s easy to see his passion, and it’s easy to see that he knows what newsrooms need.”

Ben Boles, News Director
Huntsville, AL

“I think one of the best things I enjoy about having Money Talks on A.M. Evansville, is that the pieces don’t focus on a direct demographic. If money is an issue to you, and it is to most viewers, you can find some nugget of knowledge from each of the stories. Of course, some focus on one portion of the viewing population. But my Co-Anchor Aly Vanek and I often find ourselves talking during the next break about how “I didn’t know that’s how that worked” or “I knew somebody who dealt with that problem.” It’s good food for thought during our morning newscast.”

Chris Williams, Anchor
Evansville, Indiana

“Money Talks is the longest-running franchise segment on our station. Stacy Johnson delivers a high-quality, viewer-friendly product that creates loyal viewers and gives our producers a segment they look forward to including in their newscasts. We only buy two franchises to run in our three hours of news per day – Money Talks has been with us over 5 years!”

Jerry Penick, News Director
Odessa, TX

“I can sum up what I like about Money Talks in three words … timely, relevant, and effective.”

John Emmert
Fort Myers, FL

“Money Talks is a great way for us to give viewers information about their finances. The stories are creative and make confusing issues understandable.”

Kristi Wilson, News Director
Pittsburg, KS/Joplin, MO

“Stacy Johnson has the knowledge and expertise to produce interesting stories about business and finance that viewers can understand and relate to. It is the type of information they can use to improve their lives.”

Frank Volpicella, News Director
Austin, TX

“We consider Money Talks a valuable resource for our viewers. Stacy delivers professional and interesting stories, but what we really like is that Money Talks continues to be timely. Stacy and his crew understand the time pressures we face and deliver great information that our viewers can use. We also appreciate other resources, such as the Money Talks website that our viewers are able to get more information on a story they saw on our news, as well as other important topics.”

Joel Lundstad, News Director
Missoula, MT

“Money Talks is a differentiator in line with what our viewers say they want. The content and presentation gets to the point and breaks through the clutter.”

Benji Snead, News Director
Lubbock, TX

“I like Money Talks at my station (WSET, the ABC affiliate) in the Roanoke, VA market … because it’s extremely viewer friendly. Stacy has a knack for finding the stories that real people want to see. Even more, Stacy presents his stories in a form that everyone gets. His on-air delivery is very easy to follow, especially with the graphics and video to back it up. In short, Money Talks definitely works for us at WSET. We get more calls and consistent hits on our website for Stacy’s stories than nearly anything we air. I’ve now used Money Talks in two markets and it’s been a winner in both.

Bruce Kirk, News Director
Roanoke, VA

“It never ceases to amaze me how well Stacy is able to take even the most complex topic and break it down into an attention-getting, easy-to-understand format. Our viewers really appreciate Money Talks.”

R.J. Dickens, News Director
Wichita, KS

“Money Talks is a great way to get important financial information to our viewers. Stacy breaks down tough money matters into easy-to-understand segments that are fun to watch … especially since he sometimes injects a little humor into his reports. All in all, a very good way to address complex money matters in a viewer-friendly way.”

Agnes Derouen, Anchor
Lake Charles

“Money Talks is the most interesting and easily understood ‘smart money’ feature on television.”

Mike Conklin, News Director
Yakima, WA

“I enthusiastically recommend you to any station that is looking for professional, up-to-the-minute consumer news. Your reports are always timely and about issues our viewers care about or need to know about. They are interesting, informative, and beautifully produced. You are our go-to money guy!”

Van Hackett, News Director
Harrisonburg, VA

“On our website, wkbt.com, we have a page for Money Talks. I took a look at the views for that page for 2005. Out of 200 top content pages, Money Talks ranks #14!!!”

Lynn Zee Dokken-Knox, WKBT.com Manager
Lacrosse, WI

“We continue to clear Money Talks because it has been an entertaining and informative part of our morning news. Perhaps the best compliment I can offer is viewers call us when they miss an episode. The segments have shown growth in content and presentation. Don’t stop!”

Jim Ross, Station Manager
Bellingham, WA

“Stacy tackles an issue that might normally be hard for the viewer to understand – for instance, shopping for health insurance – and breaks it down into a simple and engaging story. His energy and excitement for business and consumer news makes his pieces interesting and easy to watch.”

Heather Graf, Producer
Jacksonville, FL

“Money Talks is a favorite with our audience. It’s always contemporary, insightful, and has content that always lives up to a often used slogan of ‘news you can use.’ And Stacy in every piece is upbeat and energetic. A solid performer.”

Richard Longoria, News Director
Corpus Christi, TX

“KGWN NewsChannel 5 takes advantage of the Money Talks system to give our viewers a better understanding of the financial questions we’ve all run into but aren’t quite sure how to answer. Whether it be financing a home or how to play the odds in the lottery, Stacy has the answers to all of our viewers financial needs. Being a small market TV station, Stacy and his crew make it easy for us to fill a newscast with stories worth watching.”

Krachel Whiting, News Director
Cheyenne, WY

“Money Talks is one of the most helpful franchises we are currently running on KTRE. We often get telephone calls from viewers giving us positive feedback, and asking us more about the information about the stories that aired. Stacy Johnson has an excellent ability to speak in a language that everyone can understand. Often times financial matters can be intimidating. He gives clear advice on how to handle these situations. Our viewers enjoy Money Talks.”

Tina Alexander Sellers, News Director
Lufkin, TX

“The main reason we use Money Talks is because Stacy knows how to take a complicated financial issue and boil it down so everyone can understand it. His use of props to explain these complicated financial issues is masterful. I coach my reporters to try ‘show and tell’ whenever appropriate. So it fits in very well with our style/brand.”

Scott Nichols, News Director
Elmira, NY

“I am the producer/anchor for our noon newscast, and have personally been airing the Money Talks segments for about five years. As a producer, I love the topics, which seem to apply to the everyday common person. The story lines themselves relate to viewers no matter what part of the county you live in. It’s something in the business world that affects us everyday. The packages are perfect length and are sent with scripts that detail everything out. Along with those packages is a teaser leading into the segment, which can be used earlier in your broadcast. At our station we even have a local business who sponsors the segment, it seems to be a community favorite!

Kerri Hayden, Producer/Anchor
Cheyenne, Wyoming

“In ‘Money Talks’ Stacy Johnson consistently makes consumer economic news informative, relevant, timely and entertaining. It’s a great, addition to our morning and noon programs. It’s affordable, too.

Steve Voorhies, News Director
Panama City, FL