“You can either look rich or you can be rich, but odds are you won’t live long enough to accomplish both. Choose wisely.”
– Stacy Johnson, CEO Money Talks News

Since before there was an internet, there’s been Money Talks News.

Money Talks News was founded by CEO Stacy Johnson in 1991 to create and distribute personal finance news to network-affiliated TV stations nationwide. Thirty years later, Stacy’s still here and we’re still providing personal finance news and advice. These days we also syndicate both print and video stories to the top news portals on the planet, including MSN, Yahoo, AOL and many others.

We began with a simple goal that we still strive for today: to help average people reach financial freedom, and do it without making their eyes glaze over in the process.

Achieving financial freedom — the ability to do what you want to do rather than what you have to do — is an exciting goal, and one that’s within reach, providing you get the right advice at the right stage of your life.

Learning to save more, spend less, pay off debt and invest well are compelling topics. After all, if you don’t have enough money, you want more; and if you have a bunch, you want to keep it. Yet many Americans seem to be more interested in celebrity gossip than personal finance news and advice.

This doesn’t say negative things about Americans — it says negative things about the way traditional media approach financial news.

We’re different.

In both print and video, we help you reach your goals by telling stories that matter to you — stories that offer specific advice on saving more, spending less, investing and avoiding debt.  We have fun telling these stories, and we want you to have fun reading and watching them.

Most important, you can trust what you see here. Our writing and video staff has an average of 17 years of experience, not just writing articles, but writing personal finance articles.  Unlike many sites, we’re not a warehouse staffed by 20-somethings churning out clickbait. We’re a boutique with select, committed staff who know what they’re talking about and have a common mission: helping our subscribers take control of their finances and lead a more rewarding life.

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