Editors Note: Due to an overwhelming number of requests and a full staff of regular contributors, Money Talks News is currently not accepting guest posts of any kind. Thanks for your interest, and keep coming back! – Stacy

“Since becoming a member of Stacy’s Money Talks team, my blog has been introduced to thousands of new readers and my articles have been featured on sites like Yahoo. As you might expect, this has resulted in a large traffic boost to my website!”
– Len Penzo, lenpenzo.com

Are you an accomplished writer with your own following, a passion for personal finance, or just a knack for helping people save more, spend less and avoid rip-offs? Then maybe you should join our team.

Let us take you to the big time!

While we gets tons of traffic here, our stories are also regularly syndicated to the world’s largest websites, including MSN, Yahoo, Readers Digest, TheStreet.com and others. Ever had your byline on a homepage with millions of visitors per day? You might if you write for us.

Money or traffic? You decide.

While we pay for posts on a freelance basis, if you have a blog of your own, perhaps you’d prefer traffic back to your site. We’re an equal opportunity employer, offering either a negotiated cash payment, or 3 links back to your site per article. We may even accept posts you’ve already published on your site! That gives you the opportunity to expose your work to a potential audience of millions with virtually no effort. And if you’re worried about being penalized by search engines for duplicate content, don’t.  We use no-index tags for pre-published work to protect both your page rank and ours.

Rather shoot than write?

We offer video journalists the same opportunity as print journalists.  Money Talks News started 20 years ago as a TV news service, and our videos currently air on more than 80 network affiliates nationwide as well as MSN, Yahoo and other sites  While we won’t guarantee your videos will make it on TV, check out the videos we produce. If you think you can produce the same or better broadcast-quality video, we’d love to hear from you!


We’re an established business with deep roots in broadcast television — and now we’re creating compelling, actionable articles and video for the web. Become a part of our team and be a part of something big.

If you’ve got your own blog and want to see your work here, just drop us a line at [email protected]. If you’re a freelancer looking for a paid gig, use the same link, but send at least three published articles or videos, preferably ones with specific tips to help readers save more, spend less or avoid rip-offs. Please make sure the work is yours, and if it’s been heavily edited by others, say so. We’ll find out soon enough anyway.

Freelancers are paid on publication for articles that fulfill the assignment and meet our high standards. Knowledge of WordPress is a plus.

Last but definitely not least

If you work for an article mill trying to peddle stories with embedded links, don’t bother. Your email will be terminated with extreme prejudice. If you plan on providing plagiarized work, don’t bother with that either:  our software will uncover your theft and we’ll use every tool at our disposal to ban you from the kingdom of journalism forever.  And if you’re just starting out, don’t have a lot of skill, but really need a break: We sympathize and wish you well, but this isn’t a job for you.