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Social Security: always important, often ignored

If you’ve focused all your retirement planning energy on your 401(k), you may be missing a key piece of the puzzle: Social Security. You can influence your eventual payout from this safe, dull old-age safety net to a surprising degree by making some adjustments and changes in your planning.

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make

As you approach retirement age, especially for couples, the potential strategies can be mind-numbing. Should you start claiming benefits at 62? 66? 70? Should you claim spousal benefits now, then wait to file under your own account later? What about file-and-suspend?

Not only are the options complicated, they’re important. Optimal claiming strategies can boost the monthly checks you’ll receive by tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime, especially for couples.

That’s why it might be smart to consider paying a small, onetime fee to get a personalized Social Security analysis, tailored to your specific circumstances.

Big benefit, small cost

While researching a recent story, we came across a company called Social Security Choices. They’re one of a handful of companies that provide a personalized analysis of various claiming strategies. While most charge in the $50 range (Kiplinger offers a report for $49.95) Social Security Choices sells its product for $39.99. But Money Talks News readers can do better.

When buying a report, simply use the coupon code “moneytalks” to get a $10 discount from the usual price.

Explore their site: They have lots of information. Then, if you decide a report is right for you, be sure to use the “moneytalks” coupon code.

One more way we help our readers make good decisions and save money!

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