Unhappy woman reading a bill
This Health Insurance Freebie Is Disappearing Fast

on May 5, 2021

Insurers are rolling back a perk that first appeared during the pandemic.

A teenager in a mask after getting the COVID-19 vaccine
7 Things to Avoid After Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

on May 5, 2021

Some behaviors can be counterproductive after you get the shot.

Sick man in bed
The COVID-19 Vaccine Knocked Me for a Loop: Here’s What I Learned

on May 4, 2021

Side effects I did not expect – and even those I anticipated – made for an uncomfortable ride. Would I do it again?

Woman sick with COVID
Why COVID-19 Vaccination Doesn’t Guarantee Immunity

on April 30, 2021

People have become sick — and even died — after getting fully vaccinated.

Woman stretching before exercise
Does Exercise Protect You From COVID-19?

on April 16, 2021

Patients who are even mildly active are more likely to avoid the worst effects of the coronavirus.

Woman shopping for groceries
11 Foods That Can Keep for Years

on April 15, 2021

These are some of the longest-lasting groceries you can buy.

Couple at a funeral
Government Offering to Help Pay COVID-19 Funeral Costs

on April 13, 2021

Up to $9,000 in aid is available for each qualifying funeral.

Retired man reading the newspaper
Many Older Workers Say COVID-19 Changed This Decision

on April 8, 2021

Due to the pandemic, workers are reconsidering a key retirement step.

Young man getting vaccine
What to Do If Your 2nd Vaccine Shot Is Canceled

on April 6, 2021

You will need to hustle if your second COVID-19 vaccine appointment disappears.

Man at work with belongings after being fired
20 Jobs Where COVID-19 Has Impacted Long-Term Growth

on April 2, 2021

For better and for worse, the pandemic has affected a lot of jobs.

Woman wearing eyeglasses over a mask
5 Ways to Stop a Mask From Fogging Your Glasses

on March 30, 2021

These techniques range from free to low-cost.

Benjamin Franklin in a mask on a $100 bill
How to Use Your COVID-19 Mask to Get a Tax Break

on March 29, 2021

The pandemic has opened the door to one small perk for those who have bought protective items.

Upset woman using a laptop computer
7 Products With Price Spikes on Amazon Amid COVID-19

on March 29, 2021

The cost of some essential items has more than doubled.

Doctor with mask in New Zealand
Top 10 Countries Rebounding Amid COVID-19 Vaccinations

on March 26, 2021

Where does the U.S. rank among nations that are handling the pandemic well?

Woman taking a pill
This Pill Can Keep You Healthier After COVID-19 Infection

on March 22, 2021

The latest findings build on earlier research that found a similar impact.

Happy older couple
6 Ways the New COVID-19 Relief Law Affects Retirees

on March 16, 2021

Most of these changes are good news for older Americans, but one could cost some retirees.

Money with Stacy Johnson
COVID-19 Relief Coming Soon: Here’s What You Need to Know

on March 11, 2021

One of the most expensive bills ever passed by Congress is about to become law, and no matter who you are, you’ll be affected.

Man driving a car with the window down
Do This in the Car If You Want to Avoid COVID-19

on March 10, 2021

It takes just seconds to take this simple preventive measure.

Patient in the hospital with COVID
Far More COVID-19 Deaths Occur in Places With This Trait

on March 10, 2021

Age is the prime predictor of COVID-19 risk, but another factor isn’t far behind.

Man wearing a mask
New Label Will Help You Buy the Best Mask for Blocking COVID-19

on March 8, 2021

A new standard will let you know at a glance how much protection a face covering offers.

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