10 Most Dangerous Toys for This Year’s Gift-Giving Season

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No one asks Santa for a trip to the emergency room — but that’s what you could give children by buying them a gift on the latest “10 Worst Toys” list.

The nonprofit organization World Against Toys Causing Harm, or WATCH, “nominates” toys to this list every year around this time. The list is intended to show shoppers the types of toy hazards on the market so they know what to avoid.

WATCH explains:

Although parents have a right to expect that toys they give to their children are safe, unsafe toys remain an ongoing problem. Due to poor design, manufacturing and marketing practices, there are toys available for purchase today with the potential to lead to serious injury and even death.

Take, for example, KidsTime US/Appease Toys’ Baby Children’s Elephant Pillow. This plush elephant-shaped pillow big enough to cradle an infant made WATCH’s latest list because it’s sold without warnings of the potential suffocation hazards it presents.

The nonprofit notes that the dangers associated with pillows for babies are well-documented. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has also warned that a pillow can block a baby’s mouth, leading to suffocation.

Additionally, a law known as the Federal Hazardous Substances Act bans “infant pillow[s]” and “any other similar article[s]” that are “intended or promoted for use by children under one year of age.”

All 10 of the toys that made WATCH’s list this year are:

  • Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddles Family (considered hazardous by WATCH due to the potential for choking injuries)
  • KidsTime US/Appease Toys: Baby Children’s Elephant Pillow (potential for suffocation)
  • Slimeball Slinger (potential for eye injuries)
  • Banzai Bump n’ Bounce Body Bumpers (potential for impact injuries)
  • Nerf Rival: Apollo XV-700 Blaster (potential for eye injuries)
  • The Good Dinosaur: Galloping Butch (potential for puncture wound injuries)
  • Peppy Pups (potential for strangulation injuries)
  • Flying Heroes: Superman Launcher (potential for eye and facial injuries)
  • Baby Magic: Feed n’ Play Baby (potential for ingestion injuries)
  • Warcraft: Doomhammer (potential for blunt impact injuries)

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