10 Surprising Things You’ll Find on Sale During Black Friday

From automobiles to tea bags, these items go beyond the usual discounted TVs and toys.

10 Surprising Things You’ll Find on Sale During Black Friday Photo (cc) by Uncalno

This post comes from Lindsay Sakraida at partner site DealNews.

At this point, we’re all pretty familiar with the notion of Black Friday season, and it’s very likely that you know what the usual suspects will be for doorbuster deals when the ads start rolling out.

But as Black Friday has grown into a massive promotional season, stores have taken the innate hype as an opportunity to discount even unconventional wares. And as such, you might be pretty surprised to learn what kinds of items you can get on sale during Black Friday.

From wine to luxury goods, here are some Black Friday deals that go way beyond the typical electronics.

1. Apple products

This won’t be shocking for devout DealNews readers, but many people are still surprised that you can, in fact, get a deal on an Apple product during the Black Friday season. In fact, Apple Black Friday deals will see discounts of up to 33 percent, but you’ll need to shop at resellers. (Find out what stores typically offer the best deals here.) Apple devices tend to carry the same doorbuster appeal as a ridiculously cheap big-screen TV, so these deals are excellent at drumming up publicity.

2. Wine

While you won’t see a huge swath of wine deals, you’ll likely find at least one or two extremely noteworthy discounts on wine from a major online or nationwide seller. For example, last year Astor Wines & Spirits took 20 percent off everything, while in years past Groupon offered excellent credits for Wine Insider and Naked Wines. Also be on the lookout for discounted shipping from online vendors.

3. Beauty items

According to our Black Friday predictions research, stores will actually offer coveted beauty deals during this time. A full 33 percent of beauty deals will be marked Editors’ Choice, an increase from 12 percent so far this year. Look to stores like The Body Shop, Sephora, and Bath & Body Works for “buy one, get one” and “$10 or less” type sales.

4. Luxury items

Once upon a time, luxury brands wouldn’t be caught dead among Black Friday sales. But these days, you’re almost guaranteed to see the outlet branches of some big names, such as Last Call by Neiman Marcus, offer special promotions. According to our research, they’re likely to launch sales early during Black Friday week.

5. Tea

Even we were surprised by this one. It didn’t occur to us, until a tea-loving writer brought it to our attention, that Black Friday would bring about great deals on tea. But that’s exactly what we saw last year, with both Teavana and Harney & Sons offering 25 percent discounts.


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