How to Avoid 10 of the World’s Most Infuriating Fees

Unreasonable fees are the financial equivalent of a cold slap in the face. Here's how to steer clear of them.

8. Checking, loan and other banking fees

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Banks charge all types of unreasonable fees. If your account falls below a specified minimum balance, you’ll be charged. Want a paper statement? It will cost you. Use another bank’s ATM, and you’ll pay a fee.

There is no reason to let a bank slap you around. Credit unions typically charge lower interest on loans and credit cards, pay more interest on savings, and have lower overall fees than banks.

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9. Resort fees

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The concept of paying to stay at a hotel then paying more to use on-site amenities is ridiculous. Such fees can be assessed for people who use exercise or pool facilities, or who log on to the internet.

Before you book a reservation, find out in advance what fees you’ll be expected to pay. If you hear something you don’t like, just say no.

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10. Internet service charges


When the internet and Wi-Fi were new, perhaps it was justifiable to charge a fee to access them. These days, charging for internet access makes as much sense as charging for the in-room TV or air conditioning.

If you can’t find a hotel with free Wi-Fi, ask to have the fee waived when you check in. If that’s not an option, find it free elsewhere, either in the lobby or a nearby hot spot. Free apps available for iPhone and Android will help you find one.

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Ari Cetron contributed to this post.

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