21 Generic Brands Owned by Amazon

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Perhaps you’ve heard of AmazonBasics. It’s among Amazon’s oldest house brands, introduced in 2009. In a way, AmazonBasics is to Amazon what the Kirkland Signature brand is to Costco.

But chances are good that you’ve never heard of many Amazon brands. In recent years, the retail giant has amassed dozens of private brands and other product collections that are exclusive to Amazon — basically, forms of generic brands or house brands.

And just as the house brands sold in stores generally are cheaper than the brand-name equivalents that sit next to them on the shelf, Amazon-brand products may offer better value than their brand-name counterparts.

In fact, some of the steepest discounts that Amazon has offered during the past few Prime Day sales were on its own brands.

So, it pays to get to know the exclusive brands of the nation’s second-largest retailer based on sales.

Following is a look at some of Amazon’s own brands.


AmazonBasics has become an expansive brand over the past decade, comprising everything from LED lightbulbs and motor oil to bedding and luggage.

Just to name a few, the AmazonBasics product categories include:

  • Bath
  • Computer, wireless and A/V accessories
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen
  • Office products
  • Pet supplies

Amazon Elements

The Amazon Elements brand boasts premium products that are tested for purity. Products currently include:

  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Baby wipes


As Amazon describes it, the Solimo brand “offers a variety of everyday goods at a just-right price.” And it’s a wide variety, at that — everything from coffee pods to Epsom salt.

Solimo product categories include:

  • Beauty and grooming
  • Food and beverage
  • Health and personal care
  • Household supplies
  • Vitamins and supplements

3 more food brands

In addition to the Solimo brand, Amazon sells food under several other house brands, including:

  • Happy Belly: a line of grocery staples, including snacks, drinks and pantry and bakery goods
  • Mama Bear: a line of baby products, including organic baby food
  • Wickedly Prime: a gourmet snack line

3 more furniture brands

The AmazonBasics brand offers a wide variety of basic furniture, from office chairs to bed frames. But if you’re looking for something a bit more stylish, Amazon still has you covered.

Its brands include several lines of furniture and home decor, such as:

  • Ravenna Home: simple classic designs
  • Rivet: midcentury and industrial modern designs
  • Stone & Beam: described as “designed to marry enduring, rustic style with practicality and the realities of everyday family life”

12 clothing and accessories brands

Amazon also has a host of clothing brands now. They include:

  1. 206 Collective: timeless shoes for adults
  2. 28 Palms: Hawaiian-inspired clothing for adults
  3. Amazon Aware: clothing for adults that is certified climate-neutral
  4. Amazon Essentials: wardrobe basics for the whole family
  5. Core 10: athletic wear for women
  6. Daily Ritual: casual clothing for women
  7. Goodthreads: denim and casual clothing for adults
  8. Iris & Lilly: underwear, sleepwear and loungewear for women that is designed in London
  9. Lark & Ro: work attire for women
  10. Mae: underwear, sleepwear and loungewear for women
  11. Moon and Back: baby clothing made from organically grown cotton
  12. Spotted Zebra: kids clothing

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