15 Awesome Adult Uses for Baby Powder

Who knew that baby powder could be so useful for common household tasks.

15 Awesome Adult Uses for Baby Powder Photo (cc) by Au Kirk

This post comes from Sarah Lipoff at partner site POPSUGAR.

A bottle of baby powder only costs a buck at the dollar store, which makes it a great budget-friendly investment for tucking under your sink. You’ll be amazed with all the helpful ways you can use this fresh-smelling powder around your home.

  • Pet cleaner. Get your pet clean using baby powder as a dry shampoo, which will leave him smelling nice and fresh without having to toss him in the tub.
  • Cool sheets. On hot summer nights, sprinkle baby powder over the sheets to keep them nice and cool. And the powder will absorb any sweat, making for a refreshing night’s sleep.
  • Absorb grease. The next time you dribble some grease on your favorite shirt or edge of the carpet, sprinkle with baby powder. It absorbs the oil and refreshes the fabric.
  • Refresh books. Give old books new life by sprinkling them with baby powder. It absorbs the moisture, getting rid of any mold, and leaves books fresh.
  • Plump lashes. Dust baby powder over eyelashes before applying mascara for a fuller look.
  • Chafe-free. Give your inner thighs a dusting of baby powder before your next big run to prevent chafing.
  • Smell-buster. When your shoes aren’t smelling their best, fill with baby powder and let set overnight. Dump out and enjoy like-new shoes.
  • No more squeaks. If you’ve got a wood floor that squeaks, sprinkle with baby powder, and then sweep into gaps. No more squeaks!
  • Repel ants. Ants don’t care for the scent of baby powder, so sprinkling a line around doors or windows will keep them from busting into your home. It works the same when having a picnic.
  • Reduce waxing pain. Dust legs with baby powder before waxing. It creates a layer that helps protect against the burn.
  • Face fix. Instead of paying for expensive finishing powder, dust a touch of baby powder over your face to set makeup.
  • Stay fresh. Use baby powder instead of deodorant. It absorbs sweat while whisking away any lingering scent.
  • Kitty litter help. Sprinkle baby powder over your kitty’s litter for a quick refresh.
  • Hair help. When in a bind, use equal parts baby powder and baking powder as a DIY dry shampoo. Your hair will thank you!
  • Smell good. If you’re not a fan of how baby powder smells, mix it with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and leave out in small containers to give a lovely scent.


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