15 Easy Ways to Go Green and Save Green

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I’m seeing red over going green. While I’m a big supporter of the eco-friendly movement, my peers in the media have been attacking it for years.

First, there was BusinessWeek touting Little Green Lies in 2007. Then USA Today declaring Going Green Can Cost Too Much Green in 2009. AdWeek announced Thumbs Down on Corporate Green Efforts in 2010.

Fortune 100 conglomerate Honeywell even issued a survey titled Americans Chose Comfort Over Saving Money and Going Green. It claimed, “Most people agree that saving money and being ‘green’ are important – until 100 degree temperatures are involved.”

Now there’s yet another study, released just last week by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Among other things, it shows that only 39 percent of those surveyed turned off lights when they were leaving a room, only 23 installed energy-saving appliances, only 18 percent “unplug things,” and only 14 percent are using the AC less.

Why? Two reasons: Americans think the little changes (turning down the thermostat) don’t save a lot of money and energy, while they think the big changes (buying energy-saving appliances) are too expensive.

Or as The Miami Herald summed it up…

Only 1 in 3 reports knowing a lot or a great deal about the government’s Energy Star product labels, which are meant to help consumers choose energy-efficient appliances and other products. Even fewer, 25 percent, report detailed knowledge about fuel-efficiency standards for cars. Not even 20 percent know a lot or a great deal about rebates for energy-saving products, home renovation tax credits or home energy audits.

That’s sad, because everything you need to know is at your fingertips. While I’m no energy-sipping evangelist myself – I own a 30-foot boat and a high-performance car – I’m always looking for ways to cut costs and save energy. That’s why Money Talks News has highlighted plenty of ways that going green can also mean saving green. Here are my favorites…

  1. This summer, fight the summer heat while conserving electricity – and your cash: 13 Cool Tips for Lower Energy Bills.
  2. Keeping your lawn green while saving green: 11 Tips for a Less Expensive Lawn.
  3. Heck, grow fruits and veggies instead of grass: Saving Green by Growing Your Own Vegetables.
  4. And save some trees while you’re at it: Saving Green: Paperwork.
  5. By now, you’ve saved on air and earth and trees, so now try water: Are You A “Water Waster”?
  6. Let’s grab a bite to eat and take a bite out of your kitchen budget: “Green Out” Your Kitchen.
  7. And redecorate: Eco-Friendly Interior Design.
  8. And here’s a high-tech way to keep cool and keep cash: Saving Green: New Help to Save on Power.
  9. When you decide to get out of the house, Eco-Hotels Make Green Vacations.
  10. Even marriage can be eco-conscious with Environmental Weddings.
  11. Going green can also be fun: Saving Green: Entertainment.
  12. If you want to clean green, buy eco-friendly products online: 8 Places to Save on Green Household Products.
  13. I love this story about the Empire State Building saving millions per year on energy – and using techniques you can do to save hundreds: Empire State Building Slashes Energy Use – So Can You
  14. if you want to be on the cutting edge, try renting solar panels and making your own soda: 5 Money-Saving Eco Ideas Whose Time Has Come – Maybe.
  15. And finally, here’s my favorite story, which explodes all the lies against going green: Eco-Saving Myths Busted.

After spending years researching the topic, I can tell you this: Saving money ecologically is logical. Being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to mean spending more. Don’t believe anyone who says different.

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