15 Handy Uses for Plastic Bottles and Jugs

15 Handy Uses for Plastic Bottles and Jugs
Photo (cc) by stevendepolo

Earth Day is on the way — April 22, to be exact. That gives you more than a month to dream up some ideas for making your contribution to protect the planet in 2016.

If you need a little inspiration, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some of the most frugal and useful ways to keep your plastic bottles out of landfills while giving them a new purpose.

Around the house

  • Drain declogger: Before you buy chemicals or call a plumber for a clogged drain, try Dollar Store Crafts’ tutorial. It shows you how to use a 2-liter plastic bottle to make a drain cleaner. You might already have the tools and materials at home: a sharp knife, marker, masking tape and newspaper.
  • Wasp trap: Apartment Therapy also uses a 2-liter plastic bottle, but this time it is for a wasp trap. A trap for indoors uses honey or sugar water for bait and a cutting tool and stapler. The trap for outdoors uses flat soda or sugar water for bait and requires a cutting tool, stapler and string.
  • Resealable bag spout: Cut the top off a plastic bottle, and you’ve got a no-cost pour spout that can be attached to a plastic bag of sugar or similar product to make it resealable. Apartment Therapy reports it’s air- and water-tight.


plastic bottle apples
Photo courtesy of Sarah Zimmerman / Repeat Crafter Me

  • Zippered containers: The blog Repeat Crafter Me offers an illustrated tutorial for a project that turns bottle bottoms into apple-like zippered containers that make great teacher gifts (see above). They can also be made in a variety of shapes and sizes for various purposes. You’ll need at least a zipper and hot-glue gun.
  • Cubbyholes: By simply cutting off bottle necks, Sew Many Ways created stackable storage for craft supplies, while Confeitaria Creative found a way to store shoes vertically.
  • Jewelry stand: According to Epbot, making a four-level jewelry display stand requires less than $4 worth of hardware-store materials — a 12-inch threaded rod, one bag of nuts and one bag of washers.
  • Office-supply organizer: A tutorial from the blog Stuff-n-Such requires you to use materials similar to those in the jewelry stand, plus a few others.


  • Planter: This can be done with seemingly any plastic bottle or jug in a variety of ways. The blogger behind Little Eyes on Nature needed only what appears to be a cutting tool to create planters that can be mounted.
  • Bird feeder: For a smaller, simpler option, One Good Thing by Jillee’s tutorial requires two wooden spoons, string or twine, and an X-Acto knife. For a bigger option, Creative Craft Nights’ tutorial requires acrylic paint, paint brushes, scissors, brads, single hole punch, raffia, twine, accents, waterproof paint sealer spray, glue gun and drill.
  • Non-electric lamp: A photo by Flickr user Listorama has circulated around the Internet. It shows a water-filled 1-gallon jug with a headlamp wrapped around it, shining inward. “I have used candles, headlamps, and at least one portable camping light to provide lighting … in camp. A drawback of all those tools is the glare,” Listorama writes. “This simple system is easy on the eyes.”

For kids

plastic bottle bracelets
Photo courtesy of Charisa McFarland / Charisa Darling
  • Bracelets: The blogger behind Charisa Darling calls the cuffs pictured above a “quick craft.” The bracelets require a scissors or rotary cutter, duct tape, tacky glue, permanent markers and fabric scraps.
  • Lawn sprinkler: The blogger behind Clever, Crafty, Cookin’ Mama made a sprinkler with her children using a push pin, bamboo skewer, swivel hose adapter and hose washers.
  • Piggy bank: Martha Stewart crafted a piggy bank with a hot-glue gun, double-sided tape, scissors and a pipe cleaner. Indestructible‘ tutorial calls for liquid nails, sharp blade, scissors, sandpaper, marker, paint brush and paint. There’s also a more-involved paper mache “puggy bank” tutorial from Show and Tell U.
  • Rocket-fueled jet pack: Doodlecraft’s tutorial calls for silver spray paint, cardboard, webbing, hot-glue gun and felt.
  • Tiara: This project requires scissors, tape, glitter glue and stencils available for free from Paper, Plate and Plane.

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