15 Gift Ideas for People Who Have Everything

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Do you dread shopping for Aunt Myrtle, whose tiny house is crammed full of clutter?

Or how about your brother-in-law, who has more gizmos than Inspector Gadget himself?

Maybe you have a spouse whose taste in presents you can never quite divine.

If you are stuck on what to get those hard-to-buy-for people on your list, we have ideas for you — from affordable outings and help around the house to outrageous adventure and extreme relaxation.

1. Hot air balloon ride

Hot air balloons at dawn.
Timothy S. Allen / Shutterstock.com

For people who own a lot of stuff, bragging rights are often more valuable than more things. A hot air balloon ride, skydiving or bungee jumping could be just the ticket for someone healthy and adventurous.

2. A day at the spa

Woman and man in spa
Kzenon / Shutterstock.com

Here’s a gift that could convince your over-busy, over-stressed loved one to take a bit of much-needed downtime.

3. A day at the track

Race car
Teerasak Ladnongkhun / Shutterstock.com

Of course, the opportunity to drive a race car won’t please everyone, but use it as a jumping-off point for brainstorming. What would be a thrilling, memorable experience for your recipient? Roller derby? A monster truck rally?

4. Scuba diving lessons

Kzenon / Shutterstock.com

Get your loved one started with something he or she has always mused about learning to do: It could be scuba diving lessons, or something less rigorous, such as painting classes.

5. Helicopter tour

View from helicopter
Tananjit Hirayama / Shutterstock.com

Helicopter rides offer a unique view of the landscape — whether at home or on vacation.

6. A picnic lunch

Couple having a picnic
wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock.com

The promise of an elegant picnic lunch is a great gift. Create a “certificate” and place it in a small decorative basket under the Christmas tree. The most important thing about this type of IOU gift is being sure to follow through.

7. Minor league game tickets

Baseball pitcher
Aspen Photo / Shutterstock.com

Does your city have a local minor league team? You could buy a ticket (or season tickets) for the sports fan in your life. These games usually provide high-quality play at a reasonable price — and you don’t end up sitting in the nosebleed section.

8. A day at a local museum or art exhibit

Museum display
ItzaVU / Shutterstock.com

Receiving tickets to local cultural events and venues can help get people out of their rut. For more outdoorsy types, consider tickets to the zoo or botanical garden.

9. Horse-drawn carriage ride

Street scene in Charleston, SC.
James Kirkikis / Shutterstock.com

Many cities and towns offer carriage rides, which are a festive way to enjoy an afternoon out.

10. Evening at a local theater performance

Theater performance
Lukovskii Andrei / Shutterstock.com

Tickets to a play, touring Broadway musical, orchestra performance or rock concert all make good gifts.

11. Clean out their garage

Garage cleaning
Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.com

This is one gift that an aging relative or someone trying to downsize could really appreciate.

12. Detail their car

Man detailing car.
PongMoji / Shutterstock.com

Getting the car detailed can be a great luxury gift for someone who commutes like crazy or just doesn’t usually spend the money on a deep-clean.

13. Make them dinner

African American couple cooking
Uber Images / Shutterstock.com

Offering to cook a special meal for adult children, aging parents or good friends is a great gift for people who don’t want to accumulate more stuff.

Attach a decorative IOU to an avocado or a nicely wrapped package of pasta and present that on the holiday — and be sure to get the date for their home-cooked meal on the calendar by the end of the year.

14. Offer your strong back

Shoveling snow
PeJo / Shutterstock.com

Shoveling (or in warmer climates, mowing) can be a back-breaking job. Take it off the to-do list for someone you love.

15. Offer your skills

Alexander Raths / Shutterstock.com

Combine your particular skills into a gift. If you are a landscape architect, offer to weed and prune in the spring. If you are a mechanic, offer to change their car’s oil. Then, your recipient can feel comfortable accepting your offer with the knowledge that you know what you’re doing.

What inspired gifts have you come up with for people who have everything? Share below or on our Facebook page.

Maryalene LaPonsie and Kari Huus contributed to this post.

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