20 Cellphone Plans That Cost $21 or Less

Man using his phone on New Year's Eve
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As we wrap up the second full week of 2021, things are … well, let’s just say it’s still very early and there are things to be optimistic about for the rest of the year.

If cutting down on spending is a goal of yours this year, try going the minimalist route with your cellphone plan.

This can dramatically lower your monthly phone bill. The monthly cost of low-limit cellphone plans can plummet down into the teens.

In this new year, we bring you 20 cellphone plans under $21.

What to expect from a cellphone plan under $21

For the most part, you can expect very few frills from cellphone plans under $21. International calling and texting are typically not included with these plans.

Most of the plans over $10 per month will come with unlimited talk and text, while plans below this mark will likely limit minutes and texts. All of these plans have relatively low data limits, ranging from around 500MB to 3GB.

The best plans under $21

We’ll spare you the details of all 20 of these plans, but here are some highlights from the top choices.

Mint Mobile’s 3GB Plan

Mint is a popular MVNO that sells service on the T-Mobile network. For just $15 per month (Mint sells its plans in multi-month packages), you’ll get unlimited talk and text and 3GB of full-speed data.

T-Mobile Connect

As part of the merger deal with Sprint, T-Mobile agreed to sell a budget-level cellphone plan. T-Mobile Connect is that budget plan. For $15 per month, you get unlimited talk and text and a hard cap data limit of 2GB.

Gen Mobile’s 300 minutes + unlimited texting + 1GB of data plan

This is the type of cellphone plan for those who aren’t particularly attached to their mobile devices. You’ll have a limit on minutes, but you’ll still get access to unlimited texting. The best part? It’ll only cost you $6 per month.

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