22 Upgrades Under $50 to Make Your House Look Awesome

Are you dreaming of improving your home, but you don’t have the budget to do major remodeling? If so, there’s still plenty you can do to scratch the home-improvement itch — and make your home look great.

Here are some cheap ways to spruce up your home for $50 or less.

1. Paint the front door

Front door on old brick home1000 Words / Shutterstock.com

Painting your whole house? That’s an expensive project that takes time. On the other hand, painting the front door gives the front of your house a fresh, new look in one afternoon. Choose a fun, contrasting color, and don’t agonize too much over it. If you decide you don’t like the new color, paint the door again next summer, or next month.

If you want to try out a few colors before committing, Home Depot offers free delivery of paint samples here.

In total, the project — including painter’s tape, a good paint brush, a quart of primer and a quart of exterior paint — should run less than $50.

The DIY Network offers tips for getting the best results.

2. Add a bird feeder

Perky-Pet 339 Squirrel Be Gone II Feeder Home with ChimneyPerky-Pet / Amazon

Add a bird feeder for your feathered friends to visit near a kitchen or living room window. You will find a range of options and price points. The one in the picture above by Perky-Pet ($33.78) promises anti-squirrel features — and that is key. After all, if left to their own devices, squirrels will consume all your bird feed.

3. Add path lighting

Enchanted Spaces solar yard lights.Enchanted Spaces / Amazon

Add a little romance to your sidewalk or garden path with some solar-powered lights. The lights pictured here by Enchanted Spaces ($48.99 for a set of six on Amazon) got high marks compared with other similar products reviewed at Back Yard Boss.

4. Replace the porch light

Exterior barn-style lamp1st Avenue/ Houzz.com / Money Talks News

Has your affection dimmed for the porch light that came with the house? Or maybe it’s time to install an additional exterior light out by the back door or garage? The light pictured above is a shabby-chic barn style sconce that’s listed for $37.99 on Houzz.

5. Build raised garden beds

Raised garden bedsJamie Hooper / Shutterstock.com

Raised garden beds look tidier and create tiers for gardening on a slope. They also hold the good soil and retain more moisture. They are easy to tailor to the space you have and simple to build — here are some instructions — for the cost of a couple of boards, fence posts and some chicken wire. But you can also buy them assembled or ready-to-assemble in a variety of shapes and sizes like these at The Home Depot.

6. Insulate water pipes

Pipe insulationWichien Tepsuttinun / Shutterstock.com

Admittedly, this upgrade is boring. But it’s easy, and it will save you money.

Insulate pipes that carry hot water through a cold basement or crawl space with pre-slit, hollow-core, flexible “sleeves” made of polyethylene or neoprene foam. Before shopping, make sure you know the diameter of the pipes you are insulating.

7. Dress up an old sofa

Andreas G. Karelias / Shutterstock.comAndreas G. Karelias / Shutterstock.com

Give the couch new life by pulling a slipcover over its tired old self.

Wayfair.com has dozens of slipcovers in different shapes, sizes and patterns. Some go for less than $30. If you can’t find a fitted slipcover that works on your sofa, don’t worry. Done well, a loose fit is timeless. Check Overstock and elsewhere for machine-washable cotton duck covers in many colors.

With any remaining cash, jazz up your new couch by making or buying some fun accent pillows.

8. Update cabinet hardware

Ceramic cabinet pullsWings of Twisted Tapestry / Amazon

If your kitchen and bathroom look dated but you can’t replace the cabinets, replacing the cabinet hardware gives rooms a new look.

Here are shopping tips:

  • Remove one handle or drawer pull to see how many screws each uses and how far apart they should be. Your new hardware will need to have this same configuration.
  • Before shopping, take stock of your room’s style. To avoid being overwhelmed by all the options, first browse home decorating magazines to identify the look of the hardware you want. For example, do you want pulls or handles? Sleek and modern? Old world? Recycled and eclectic?

There is a huge selection of pulls on Amazon (including the ceramic pulls featured above) and on Houzz. If you are looking for a vintage look or trying to match the hardware on an older house, check out building salvage stores in your area.

9. Add dramatic lighting

Marco Poplasen / Shutterstock.comMarco Poplasen / Shutterstock.com

For a fun project that delivers instant drama at a low price, install flexible LED ribbon lighting under cabinets or shelves. For less than $30, you can get an 8-foot length of Armacost RibbonFlex Pro RGB LED tape light. Armacost has installation instructions and project photos and ideas. Find how-to installation videos at YouTube.

10. Make a Mason jar lamp

Ezume Images / Shutterstock.comEzume Images / Shutterstock.com

Mason jar lamps are trendy. A YouTube video by TheSorryGirls takes you step by step through the process of making one. Krylon, the maker of aerosol spray paint, provides instructions for painting Mason jars for use as light fixtures.

If a single-jar lamp isn’t enough of a challenge, and you have plenty of Mason canning jars, look for instructions online for making a Mason jar chandelier. Stick to using found materials to keep your costs down.

11. Swap out your shower curtain, bath mat and towels

Elephant shower curtainLebather / Amazon

There are so many beautiful shower curtains to choose from on Amazon and Houzz, Wayfair and Overstock — functional bathroom art! Check out the Elephant Bohemian Print Design curtain pictured above, priced at $18.99 on Amazon.

With this inexpensive upgrade, consider also replacing those threadbare towels and the old shower mat. These few changes will improve the look and smell of your bathroom.

12. Install a front door kick plate

Bobkeenan Photography / Shutterstock.comBobkeenan Photography / Shutterstock.com

A kick plate is a broad strip of polished metal used horizontally along the bottom edge of a front door to protect it from scratches, kicks and dog paws. Kick plates are decorative as well as functional. Brass is traditionally used, but popular finishes now include antique brass, pewter, antique bronze and black.

Change your old kick plate for a new one, or install a kick plate if you haven’t used one before. After choosing a metal finish you like, use the same finish on all of your exterior hardware.

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