5 Apps to Transform Instagram Pics From OK to Awesome

5 Apps to Transform Instagram Pics From OK to Awesome Photo (cc) by John Englart (Takver)

For many of us, Instagram is a favorite way to share pictures and video with friends and followers. But even with today’s technology, some of our shots are, well, mediocre. Fortunately, there is help — more technology! The only challenge is figuring out which of the many photo-editing apps out there will work best to transform OK images into awesome images.

Here are five apps that I’ve tested — based on recommendations from The Huffington Post — and love. The apps are free to download, though some do offer in-app purchases.

  • Whitagram: Instagram’s photo app forces you to post square pics. If you have a rectangular pic you want to post, Whitagram can help. The app allows you to use your original rectangular picture, and it adds white (or another color of your choice) around it to fit Instagram’s square dimensions. Available in iOS.
  • VSCO Cam: This app has a great camera and cool, but subtle, filters. It also features sliders that allow you to adjust everything from the picture grain to highlights. (Available in iOS and Android.)
  • Snapseed: This app allows for more advanced image editing. You’re able to control several options within an individual filter. If you want to make quick edits, this might not be the best option for you. (Available in iOS and Android.)
  • Quick: If you want to add text to your Instagram pics, this app is for you. It has a number of free fonts, but you can also pony up $1.99 and get 16 additional fonts, plus the Quick watermark will be removed from your pics. (Available in iOS.)
  • aillis: Formerly known as LINE Camera, aillis has its own filters, plus it lets you add stickers and text. It also enables you to “paint” your pictures. (Available in iOS and Android.)

As a parent of young children, one of my other favorite photo/camera apps — though it has nothing to do with editing — is Look Birdy. The app uses bird sounds and your phone’s flash to get your kids to look at the camera. It’s amazing.

What are your favorite photo editing apps? Share your comments below.

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