5 Ways to Lower Your Monthly Bills in Minutes

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There are all sorts of ways to save money. You could spend hours scanning grocery store circulars, looking for deals and clipping coupons on loyalty apps. That might save you $20 …

Or you could spend five minutes punching some information into an online form and save hundreds.

Which would you prefer?

Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it trying to save pennies. Be smart and focus on the “big fish” — those bills that can be easily slashed to save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year.

Try the following easy strategies to get maximum savings in a minimum amount of time.

1. Refinance and save thousands

You may be rolling your eyes at the idea of refinancing as a quick and easy way to save money, but maybe that’s because you’ve been talking to the wrong lender.

Sure, refinancing at a traditional bank can be a painful experience. We’re not going to lie. But Rocket Mortgage is different.

They’ve streamlined the refinancing process, so it doesn’t take long to see if you qualify for refinancing and how much you can save. No more making an appointment with a banker and sitting in an uncomfortable office — you can do almost everything online.

Mortgage rates are near historic lows right now, but they could go up at any time. Don’t miss your opportunity to save. Compare rates and lower your payment today.

2. Save $440 per year on car insurance

How much are you paying a month for car insurance? Do you even know?

Depending on your age, location and coverage, automobile insurance premiums can be nearly $2,000 a year for adult drivers, according to The Zebra. And let’s take a moment to pity the poor people with teen drivers in the house — they could be paying close to $5,000 a year for the privilege of being petrified every time their son or daughter borrows the keys.

But you don’t have to spend that much. It only takes a few minutes to get online quotes for car insurance, and you could save as much as $440 per year.

Don’t believe us? Head to The Zebra to see for yourself.

3. Find cheaper home insurance in minutes

Saving on homeowners insurance is just as easy as saving on car insurance. Thanks to a new breed of insurance companies, everything can be done online or on an app in seconds — literally.

For instance, with an insurance site called Lemonade, customers can get a policy in just 90 seconds, and it takes only three minutes to get paid for a claim. Plus, you could save 30% compared with traditional insurance companies.

Check rates from as low as $25 a month. Chances are, that’s lower than what you’re paying now.

4. Stop paying credit card interest

Let’s start with the obvious: Credit card interest is a killer. If you don’t already know that, you haven’t been paying attention to the warning box on your credit card statements.

A credit card balance doesn’t have a pay-off date like a personal loan. It goes on and on and on. Depending on your balance and interest rate, you could be paying on that account for years without any end in sight.

And the interest rates can be insane. In some cases, you could pay nearly as much in interest as you did on your purchases.

The quick and easy solution is to consolidate that debt into a lower interest personal loan. Then you’ll get a fixed payment and a fixed pay-off date. It’s that light at the end of the tunnel you’ve been looking for.

It’s free to check your rate online, and it only takes two minutes.

5. Lower your bills with free expert help

There’s a good chance your wireless, internet and cable companies would cut you a deal if you asked. But that would require you to get on the phone, spend who knows how long on hold and then say no to all the new services they try to sell you.

Fortunately, a free service like BillCutterz is willing to take on the tedious and time-consuming task of bill negotiation for you. While there are no guarantees, you could save hundreds of dollars per year. And with no up-front cost involved, you’ve literally got nothing to lose. Even better, you can get started in three easy steps.

Take two minutes, create your free account and find out how much Billcutterz can save you.

Get smarter with your money!

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