6 Frugal Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

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This post by Veronica Bowman comes from partner site The Dollar Stretcher.

By mid-winter, it’s hard to feel the same excitement and appreciation we felt for winter at the beginning of the season. There’s a certain anticipation of change at the beginning of each season and winter is no exception. You just can’t wait to pull out your favorite winter sweater or remove that warm cozy blanket from storage.

Holiday excitement adds to the welcoming feeling we have for winter. But, after the holidays, the cold winter days begin to seem long, boring, and possibly even depressing. There are various ways to brighten those winter days without breaking your budget.

1. Add some color to the gray winter days

Wear something colorful. You don’t have to buy something new. You can combine or layer a brightly colored summer item with your winter attire. Or, you can use accessories to brighten up your winter wardrobe. Something as simple as vibrant colored jewelry, sparkling hair accessories, wild and crazy socks, a kaleidoscope tie, brightly colored gloves, or a multi-colored scarf can lift your spirit.

Brighten up your home to banish winter blahs. Re-purpose some of the energizing red holiday decorations you used. Lighting is an important factor in setting the mood in a room.

Find inexpensive rugs or pillows to add a splash of color to a room. Another way to brighten a room is with colorful wall art. This can be in the form of paintings, a scenic calendar, summer vacation photos, or woven wall hangings.

2. Laughter is good for the soul in any season

You can lift your mood by watching a hilarious movie. A humorous book can have the same effect. Borrow a book or movie from your local library if you don’t want to spend the money to buy one. Don’t rule out joke books even if that is not your typical type of reading material.

3. Play some lively music and do some spring cleaning

Spring cleaning in the winter can make you feel organized, energized, and in control. Get motivated, get to work, and then give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

4. Go outside

Sometimes, the feeling of being confined to the indoors contributes to sadness and winter blahs. It is important to remember that winter is not a season of confinement. There are many natural beauties to be enjoyed – take a long walk or learn a winter sport.

5. Take a vacation

If possible, take a mini vacation. Generally, travel is less expensive in winter. Rates are down. You can find some excellent off-season packages and travel plans.

6. Eat a healthy diet

Sickness can have an adverse effect on your budget. Illness, such as the common cold that tends to linger, definitely increases the feelings of sadness that often come with winter. Exercise and proper nutrition are essential. You also need to get the proper amount of sleep. People often think of winter as a time of withdrawal and hibernation, yet they find a good night’s sleep to be an elusive goal. Adopt a pre-bedtime ritual that will help you relax. And, remember that there’s nothing wrong with taking a short nap to renew your physical energy and your mind.

With the variety of budget-friendly ways to beat the winter blahs, there is no reason to feel that winter is just something to be endured.

Veronica Bowman is a regular contributor to The Dollar Stretcher, a site dedicated to helping you “live better…for less”. Follow The Dollar Stretcher on Twitter.

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