Stacy Johnson at the New York Stock Exchange
Aaron Freeman / Money Talks News

1.It’s free!

Although Money Talks News has been available on a cash contract basis for more than 25 years, as television news has evolved, so have we.

Our profit center today is this website: More than a million people visit it monthly and more than 300,000 subscribe to our daily email.

Having our stories on air drives traffic, which we monetize with display advertising. So if you don’t mind a short spot promoting our site and newsletter, we don’t mind you using our stories without charge. It’s just that simple.

And not only do we provide free video: all our stories are accompanied by written articles for your website. To see the quality of our written work, simply visit our home page.

To see the quality of our video, look around the site or check it out right here!

Our goal is to offer specific tips on saving money, making money and getting ahead. Here’s an example of a saving money story. We do lots of these. 

2. It’s real journalism

Unlike many other “experts” you see on air and online these days, we have credentials.

Executive producer and host Stacy Johnson has been a CPA for more than 30 years, and has also earned licenses in stocks, commodities, options, securities supervisory, life insurance and real estate. Since the inception of Money Talks in 1991, he’s produced and hosted more than 3,600 stories without a retraction.

Despite the fact it’s free, make no mistake: Our stories aren’t VNRs, nor is there product placement or other hidden income sources. These are objective stories: the kind you’d produce yourself.

Here’s an example of a story that offers specific advice on making extra money. We do lots of these, too. 

3. It appeals to viewers

If we don’t produce stories that hit home, we don’t get traffic, which means we don’t get paid.

We’re not worried – we’ve been telling compelling stories for decades…longer than any financial news source in the history of local TV.

Here’s a story about achieving success by staying inspired. We don’t do a ton of these, but viewers like them. It’s a great way to start your morning!  

What’s the catch?

We don’t ask much, but we do ask you to run our stories in their entirety. By using them, you agree not to strip them, re-voice them, substitute talent, cut off any part, use our b-roll for other purposes…. You get the picture.

Join our family today!

We produce four stories every week, feeding on Fridays, which can be downloaded via Pathfire or directly from our site.

To immediately access our scripts, article and video libraries in either HD or SD, simply email [email protected]. We’ll make sure your market is available, answer any questions you have and get you started. You can typically be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

The right topic produced by the right people at the right price. It doesn’t get better than this!