Ask Stacy: Should I Do My Own Taxes or Hire Help?

Ask Stacy: Should I Do My Own Taxes or Hire Help? Photo by Mega Pixel /

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Today’s question is about income taxes; specifically, whether you should file a return on your own or pay a pro to do it.

Before my various businesses became complicated, I did my own taxes. Nowadays, however, I have an accountant, although I still pay close attention to what he’s doing.

What’s best for you? Here’s what I think.

For more information on this topic, check out “What You Must Know Before Doing Your Own Taxes” and “Tax Hacks 2018: 7 Ways to Get Your Taxes Done for Free.” You can also go to the search at the top of the page and put in “Tax Hacks 2018” and get access to a lot of tax-related stories. We’ll be pumping them out until the last return is filed.

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