Plastic cups
Watch This: 6 Clever Uses for Solo Plastic Cups

on May 29, 2018

The ever-present Solo plastic cup is good for a lot more than holding a beverage. Watch this video to learn alternative ways to use these cups.

Roth IRA
Saturday School: Why the Roth IRA Is Great for Savers and Spenders

on May 26, 2018

Watch this entertaining video to learn about the benefits of a Roth IRA — and why your decision to invest in a Roth probably turns Uncle Sam green with envy.

Watch This: Why Little Expenses Matter

on May 22, 2018

Those little daily expenses can have a big — and negative — impact on your dreams of reaching financial independence. Find out why.

529 plan
Saturday School: 529 Plans Explained in 2 Minutes

on May 19, 2018

We hear a lot about 529 plans, but do you understand how the college savings vehicles work? Watch this two-minute video to uncover the information you need to know.

Squirrel monkey
This Travel Deal Offers Rainforest Adventure and City Culture in Costa Rica

on May 18, 2018

A great vacation bargain offers wilderness wonders and international cuisine in this Central American nation’s capital.

Smelly shoes
Watch This: Quick Tips for Keeping Shoes Smelling Good and Looking Great

on May 15, 2018

Keep your shoes from smelling stinky, and learn other tips for minor repairs that can keep your footwear in tip-top condition.

107 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Every Month
107 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Every Month

on May 15, 2018

Need quick cash? Here are more than 100 easy ways to earn extra money from home, from getting cash back whenever you shop to getting paid for watching videos and playing games.

Withdrawing money
Saturday School: What Is the 4 Percent Rule?

on May 12, 2018

Perhaps you’ve heard of this handy retirement rule. But do you understand it? You will, after watching this video.

Gone fishing
Watch This: The Shockingly Simple Math to Retiring Early

on May 8, 2018

The journey to early retirement is often bumpy, but the road map for getting there is surprisingly simple to follow.

Pay down mortgage
Saturday School: The Benefits of Paying Off Your Mortgage

on May 5, 2018

There are both pros and cons to paying down your mortgage. Watch this video to learn some of the benefits of owning your house free and clear.

Explore This: A New Way to Travel for Less
Explore This: A New Way to Travel for Less

on May 1, 2018

Love to travel? Check out this great tool for deals on cruises, package tours, hotels, flights and more.

Sad woman with money
Saturday School: A Simple Strategy to Spend Less and Save More

on April 28, 2018

It’s easy to fall into bad habits that lead to overspending. Watch this video to learn how to avoid such a fate.

Watch This: 10 Tips That Might Save Your Life

on April 24, 2018

We all face threats — seen and unseen — that can harm us. Watch this video to learn some simple ways to reduce such risks.

Couple moving
Saturday School: Here Is How Much Rent You Can Afford

on April 21, 2018

A very simple calculation can help you determine how much money you can comfortably earmark for a rental each month.

Falling home values
Saturday School: The Danger of Falling Home Values

on April 14, 2018

Housing prices are soaring, but not so long ago they were plunging. Watch this video for a refresher about how sinking home values can destroy your finances.

Expensive home
Watch This: A Hidden Reason for the High Price of Housing

on April 10, 2018

Watch this video to learn more about the unsung factor that plays a secret role in keeping today’s housing prices so high.

Stressed woman
Saturday School: The Bare Minimum You Must Do to Avoid Financial Ruin

on April 6, 2018

A couple of very simple steps can open your eyes to how much you spend — and what you must change to get to your money goals.

Lloyd's Bank
Saturday School: What Is Libor?

on March 30, 2018

Anyone who has shopped for an adjustable-rate mortgage has probably heard of a rate called Libor. Watch this video to find out what it’s all about.

Stock market
Saturday School: What Is the Price-to-Earnings Ratio?

on March 23, 2018

Watch this video to learn why understanding the concept of the price-to-earnings ratio is one key to picking the right stocks to buy and sell.

Stressed worker
Watch This: Can Stress Actually Kill You?

on March 20, 2018

Stress can make us grouchy, tense and anxious. But can it send us to an early grave? Watch this video to find out.

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