Travel Clubs: A Trip to the Poorhouse?
on May 6, 2009

Travel clubs are supposed to be a popular way to take a vacation and save money. But at what risks?

Insurance for Pets?
on May 4, 2009

You’re not the only mammal in the house facing spiraling health care costs. Should you get health insurance for your pets?

What’s Next For Chrysler Owners
on May 1, 2009

Now that Chrysler is bankrupt, what will happen if you own a Chrysler, are thinking about buying one, or want to sell yours?

6 Smart Uses For Your Tax Refund
on May 1, 2009

By now, most of us have gotten our income tax refunds. But if yours isn’t a distant memory yet, here’s some useful advice on how to spend it.

Social Networking vs. Your Privacy
on April 29, 2009

We’ve all done it… Click the ‘I Agree’ button to accept the user agreement without reading it first. But when it comes to some social networking sites, that’s something you may regret.

Consignment Shops… One Way to Dress For Less
on April 27, 2009

People are doing all kinds of things these days to make money and save money. And one way to put a little money in your pocket and a new shirt on your back is consignment shopping.

5 Best Free Software Programs
on April 24, 2009

You know how expensive software can be, but some great software doesn’t cost a dime. Five free programs to help you save and manage your financial life…

Business Is Good… For Auctions
on April 22, 2009

There’s one business that’s booming today… auctions. Can one person’s loss be your gain?

Teens Need Jobs, Too
on April 20, 2009

Imagine trying to find a job in this economy. Now imagine doing it with zero experience, little education and no resume. It’s tough out there for teens.

Can Magnets Really Heal You?
on April 17, 2009

There are those who swear by medical magnets, believing a magnetic field can heal everything from a sore back to cancer, but is it miracle or placebo?

Saving with Salvaged Groceries
on April 16, 2009

Despite what the economy’s doing, thrifty shoppers are always looking for a way to save. And if coupons just aren’t cutting it, why not try a salvage grocery store?

Salvaged Grocery Store List
Salvaged Grocery Store List
on April 16, 2009

Find a salvaged grocery store in your area with this state by state list. A bit like an outlet store for food, salvage grocery stores sell food with slightly damaged packaging at generous discounts.

Should You Start A Franchise?
on April 15, 2009

While so many people are looking for new ways to find a job and make money, some are going into business for themselves with the help provided by franchising.

Your Odds of an IRS Audit
on April 14, 2009

You know there aren’t many words in the English language that are scarier than the word audit. So what are the odds you’re going to be audited this year?

Restaurants Offering Free Food and Discounts on Tax Day
Restaurants Offering Free Food and Discounts on Tax Day
on April 14, 2009

April 15th is just one day away, so if you’re feeling the pinch, here’s a little relief: Free food! Several restaurant chains across the country have announced they will be offering free food or other discounts to diners as part of our national “Tax Day Holiday”.

COBRA Bites!
on April 13, 2009

There are now millions of unemployed Americans who can’t afford health insurance for their families. Meet one of them and the solution she found.

Part Time Better Than No Time
on April 10, 2009

We’ve all heard the staggering figures: 11.5 MILLION people are currently out of a job. If you’re one of them, here’s something to consider… a part-time career.

Can’t Pay Your Taxes? What Should You Do?
on April 6, 2009

You filled out your taxes and suddenly realize you owe money and you can’t pay. What do you do?

Buying Cars in a Credit Crunch
on April 3, 2009

You’ll never find a better time to buy a new car… but you’ll never find a worse time to try to pay for it. Three ways to finance a car during a credit crunch…

Is a Home Inventory Necessary?
on March 27, 2009

Nobody thinks it will happen to them. But every day in every city across America, families lose everything they have to fire, flood or other disaster. Of course, that’s why we have insurance. But according to Stacy Johnson, there’s one key ingredient that can hurt your ability to collect.

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