Vehicle Owners Love These 11 Brands Most

Tesla Model 3
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Tesla is the brand of car that owners love the most, according to a Consumer Reports survey.

Consumer Reports asked owners whether they would buy same car again if they had the chance.

The publication based its results on surveys that included 369,000 vehicles from the 2018 to 2020 model years, with a few 2021 models tossed into the mix.

Each brand included in the owner satisfactions ranking received an overall score as well as scores for five factors:

  • Driving (acceleration and handling)
  • Comfort (includes seats, noise and ride)
  • Value (whether owners felt they got what they wanted relative to the purchase price)
  • In-car electronics (the ease of using infotainment systems and Bluetooth)
  • Cabin storage (storage spaces between seats, in cup holders and the dashboard, and other non-trunk storage)

Tesla scored especially high for driving (5 out of 5), comfort (4 out of 5) and in-car electronics (4 out of 5).

The top 11 most-liked car brands, and their overall scores, are:

  • Tesla: 88 out of 100
  • Lincoln: 79
  • Ram: 76
  • Chrysler: 76
  • Subaru: 75
  • Hyundai: 75
  • Porsche: 74
  • Dodge: 74
  • Mazda: 72
  • Toyota: 71
  • Kia: 71

Interestingly, for each of the more than two dozen brands in the survey, most current owners said they would buy again.

Also of note, some of the most beloved brands — including Tesla and Lincoln — are near the bottom of Consumer Reports’ vehicle reliability ratings.

Several brands were excluded from the owner satisfaction rankings due to insufficient sample sizes. They are: Acura, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Genesis, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati and Mitsubishi.

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