Battle of the Titans: Wal-Mart Mega-Sale vs. Amazon Blow-Out

The brick-and-mortar giant challenges the online retail giant with a competing sale. Consumers rejoice!

Battle of the Titans: Wal-Mart Mega-Sale vs. Amazon Blow-Out Photo (cc) by JD Hancock

The biggest brick-and-mortar retailer in the world has plans to crash Amazon’s party, which could mean significant savings for shoppers., which started as an online bookstore and has morphed into a massive online retailer and major player in cloud computing, celebrates its 20th anniversary Wednesday, July 15.

Amazon announced a mega sale on tons of items Wednesday. The lower prices will only be available for Amazon Prime members – people who pay a $99 annual fee to access a variety of features, such as faster shipping and video and music streaming.

Now Wal-Mart has kicked off its own online sale this week. Wrote Wal-Mart CEO Fernando Madeira on the company’s blog:

“We’re kicking off some awesome deals this week that will be available for everybody with no hidden costs or admission fees, and they won’t be available for just one day. Our customers will see thousands of great deals on Rollback beginning this week along with some special atomic deals (more on that in the days to come).”

With an extra dig at Amazon, Madeira wrote:

“We’ve heard some retailers are charging $100 to get access to a sale. But the idea of asking customers to pay extra in order to save money just doesn’t add up for us,” he wrote.

The combination of the two sales could add up to serious savings for consumers looking to make a purchase, as the competition drives both sites to offer a steady stream of deals over the course of the day.

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