How to Build Your Savings In 3 Easy Steps

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How’s your bank balance? It should be healthier today than at this time last year.

And if it isn’t? There are only a few explanations for this lack of progress:

  • The past 12 months were filled with budget busters such as car trouble, medical copays and the need to replace major appliances.
  • You were already living paycheck to paycheck, and the increased costs of food and other essentials sent you into the red.
  • You simply didn’t make it your business to save.

It’s vital to have an emergency fund and, ideally, additional savings for future goals, such as replacing a vehicle, buying a home or building up a college fund. In the end, you must take responsibility for making them happen.

Simply saying “I want to save money” is a dream, not a plan. Without a specific destination in mind, you’ll probably never get started. Here are three steps that can help you turn $3 a day into $1,000.

1. Break it down

Suppose an amount like $3,000 would put your kid through an advanced music camp next summer. Or, maybe you’d like to save enough for a reliable used car. Perhaps you and your spouse want to have at least three months’ worth of living expenses in the bank.

If such goals make you tremble with fear, break them down. Start smaller, such as: “In the next year I will save $1,000.”

Now subdivide that goal: $1,000 divided by 52 is about $19.23 per week, or about $2.74 per day.

Thinking in terms of a daily $3 is a lot more manageable than wondering how you’ll come up with $1,000. Make space in your budget for that measly $2.74 a day, and you’re off to the races.

2. Divert some funds

If you’ve been paying extra on certain items (mortgage, student loans), stop doing that for a while. Yes, getting ahead is great, but not at the expense of having no savings to cover a car repair or balky fridge.

Suppose you’ve been putting an extra $100 on your house payment each month. Instead, throw money toward your savings goal. It won’t take as long as you think to hit that sweet spot because this won’t be the only way you save.

Or it shouldn’t be. All sorts of ways exist to carve a few dollars here and a few dollars there from your current budget. Remember, we’re talking less than $3 per day. For some easy everyday tactics, see:

Or jump-start your savings with hacks like these:

  • The night before payday, peek at your checking account. If you have extra cash, move $10 into savings.
  • Bank your raise. Even a 2 percent salary increase will add up if you save it.
  • Reimagine entertainment: Cut the cable cord and save big money.
  • Put all change in a jar when you get home from work or other activities, then bank it when the jar is full.
  • Bank your coupon savings. Put the money you would have spent into the change jar.
  • Spend one hour a week shopping for better deals on cellphone service or auto insurance.

Taken together, these moves ultimately strengthen your savings.

3. Make it automatic

Think of savings as a bill, not a frill. You wouldn’t skip a utility payment, would you?

Well, ditto for savings: It’s a bill, so pay it. Specifically, automate that $19.23 every week from checking into savings. You’ll learn to live without it.

Don’t pretend you can’t do it. There is almost always some wiggle room in your expenses. Here’s the question: How badly do you want to save that money?

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