Catch a Recruiter’s Eye With These 7 Cover Letter Tips

You've gotten their attention with your fabulous résumé. Now's the time to drive the point home. Here's how.

Catch a Recruiter’s Eye With These 7 Cover Letter Tips Photo (cc) by William Brawley

This post comes from Emily Co at partner site POPSUGAR.

Although your résumé is definitely important, the cover letter can also be a make-or-break factor. Before you even get an interview, your application will have to impress the recruiter or hiring manager, so perfecting your cover letter is key to earning a face-to-face meeting.

Here are some tips for a perfect cover letter that will catch any recruiter’s eye.

1. Tweak your tone for every company

Don’t send generic cover letters that can be used for any job application. You want to make sure that the tone of your letter fits the type of firm you’re applying to. Is the company looking for someone with sass or someone more serious? Figure that out on your own, and tailor your letter to what suits the company.

2. Make a case

You won’t be able to get to this on your résumé, so make the case in your cover letter why you’re the right person for the job, and why you want to work for the company. A good way to sell yourself is to connect your experiences with the job description. List your skills and experiences that match the type of candidate they are looking to hire.

3. Be different

Don’t repeat everything on your résumé in your cover letter. The letter is your chance to shine and show a bit of your personality. Repeating what’s already been said just takes up valuable space.

4. Don’t bring up your weaknesses

If no one is asking you what your biggest failings are, then don’t be so eager to volunteer that information. The cover letter is not the time to reflect on self-improvement; save that for the weakness question you may be asked during the interview.


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