This Grocery Store Is Cheaper Than Even Walmart

This Grocery Store Is Cheaper Than Even Walmart
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Want to save money on groceries? Your best bet might be to shop at discount chain Aldi, according to a recent report.

Cheapism analyzed the prices of 41 grocery products sold at three grocery chains: Aldi, Kroger and Walmart. The website recorded prices at three stores — all located in the same western Ohio community — representing each of the three chains.

According to the website:

“Our final tally produced a clear overall winner: Aldi, where the grocery bill came to $67.34, about 14% cheaper than the Walmart total of $78.23 and more than 20% cheaper than Kroger (even with a store savings card). Aldi outpriced Walmart on 33 of 41 items. Kroger was never the cheapest choice.”

For example, 1 pound of 80/20 ground beef cost $3.29 at Aldi. That compares with $3.94 at Walmart and $4.49 at Kroger (or $4.29 with a Kroger loyalty card).

Aldi didn’t win the price fight in every category, but it came out on top often enough to be the clear winner, Cheapism says.

There is one big caveat, though: Cheapism notes that Aldi carries few national brands. In fact, more than 90% of the products there are private labels, as we note in “My 7 Favorite Things to Buy at Aldi.”

If that’s a deal-breaker, your best bet is to turn to Walmart, Cheapism notes, which had the best prices on national brands.

But don’t forget to consider Kroger. Cheapism says the large grocery store chain is tops for “sheer variety of products (both packaged and fresh), abundant sale items, and shopping convenience.”

More ways to trim your grocery bill

Shopping at Aldi can save you money — but you shouldn’t stop there.

As we have noted, estate sales — yes, you heard us right — also are great places to get an excellent deal on groceries:

“Estate sales are generally everything-must-go sales that take place soon after someone dies and the house needs to be cleaned out. Since ‘everything’ means everything, you may find some swell deals on items from the cupboard and pantry.”

For more out-of-the-box ways to save on groceries, check out “13 Unusual but Effective Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill.”

Which grocery store do you consider best or cheapest? Share your tips in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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