10 Ways to Fight the Record Cold and Save Money

Half of America is in the deep freeze. These cheap tricks will help keep your temperature up and your bills down.

10 Ways to Fight the Record Cold and Save Money Photo (cc) by beltzner

Winter got you down? We don’t even know if the season has delivered the worst it’s got. But no point in being glum. You could still make the season more tolerable and save some money by using our winterizing checklist. You’ll be safer and luxuriate in a reliably cozy home. And it will give you something productive to do that will help you save money for winters to come.

1. Reset ceiling fan blades

Ceiling fan

If you enjoyed cool indoor breezes from your ceiling fans last summer, you’re still enjoying cool breezes this winter, unless you flick the switch that sets the fan for winter use.

In summer, fan blades should rotate counterclockwise, pushing cool air down. You can feel a breeze when you stand under it.

In winter, fan blades should move clockwise. Run your fans slowly to lift cool air to the ceiling, gently pushing heat down where you can enjoy it.

If your fan has a remote switch or control, watch the direction of the fan blades and adjust the setting if necessary. Otherwise, use a ladder to manually adjust the small toggle switch on the fan’s body.

After that, you should be able to lower your thermostat’s daytime setting while enjoying the heat you are paying for.


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