Conclusive Evidence: This is How the Toilet Paper Roll Should Hang

The 1891 patent for TP seems to settle the age-old debate of over vs under once and for all. I couldn't be more pleased.

Conclusive Evidence: This is How the Toilet Paper Roll Should Hang Photo (cc) by macaron*macaron(Est Bleu2007)

Over or under? The proper orientation of a toilet paper roll has been hotly debated for decades. But it seems we can wrap up the argument once and for all.

According to the original patent for perforated toilet paper recently shared by writer Owen Williams on Twitter, if you’re hanging your TP under, you’re doing it wrong.

The patent, dated Dec. 22, 1891, shows renderings of the paper in the over position, clearly indicating that inventor Seth Wheeler designed it to be used that way (if you can’t tell, I’m on over girl, myself).

“Wheeler’s Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company was the first in the world to make perforated toilet paper, originally patenting that idea in 1871 before the 1891 patent added the roll aspect,” Consumerist said.

Long before Williams posted the patent, many “experts” had weighed in. According to Good Housekeeping:

“Definitely over,” says Sarah Richardson, Good Housekeeping’s home design director and host of HGTV’s Sarah Sees Potential. “Hotels can’t be wrong — they replace toilet paper more than anyone. Plus, if you place it under, you can’t do the fancy fold at the end of the paper.”

I’ve witnessed many an argument about how to hang toilet paper. My sister and I fought about it for years (she prefers under). I sincerely doubt that this will put the big (First World) debate to rest, but I’ll always refer to Wheeler’s patent in further TP squabbles.

Do you drape your TP over or under? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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