Domino’s Drops Reindeer from List of Pizza-Delivery Drivers

It turns out reindeer aren't the most cooperative pizza delivery workers.

Domino’s Drops Reindeer from List of Pizza-Delivery Drivers Photo by Andris Barbans /

Rudolph is much better at pulling Santa’s sleigh than he is at delivering pizzas for Domino’s.

Domino’s Japan announced it’s ditching its caribou-based delivery program just a week after it began, NBC News reports. It seems the reindeer weren’t very cooperative when tasked with delivering piping hot pizzas to hungry Japanese customers. NBC explains:

The reindeer continually shook their antlers, refused to stop at delivery spots, and kept dislodging the pizzas from their delivery pouches.

Domino’s Japan began training reindeer to deliver pizzas late last month. The pizza company wanted to use the reindeer to highlight its new GPS-based delivery service, which allows customers to monitor their pizza’s delivery progress on a special app.

Domino’s Japan thought the reindeer would be a good fit for pizza deliverers because temperatures routinely drop into the lows 20s during Hokkaido’s winters.

Ultimately, because it proved too “difficult to control a reindeer,” Domino’s Japan introduced a fleet of delivery scooters decorated like reindeer, with fake antlers and furry ears and backsides, says Consumerist.

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