13 iPhone 6 Hacks Everyone Should Know

13 iPhone 6 Hacks Everyone Should Know

If you’re an iPhone enthusiast, you probably keep up with the latest apps, updates and accessories, but you might be missing some of your phone’s most practical features, ones that can save you time, confusion and potential embarrassment. Here are some tricks that will help you get the most out of your device:

1. Home screen shortcuts

Do you have a few websites you visit multiple times a day? Add them to your home screen to save time. Simply open one of your favorite pages in Safari, tap on the “export” icon at the bottom of the browser and select “Add to Home Screen.” You’ll be given the option to name the shortcut, which will then be added to your home screen with an icon that looks just like any other app.

2. Burst photo shoot

Are you trying to capture the perfect moment, but you have a wiggle worm on your hands? When using your iPhone’s built-in camera app, hold down the “capture” button and let your device do the work for you by taking a series of pictures, increasing your chances of capturing the moment you want.

3. Turbo charge

Need to charge your iPhone in a hurry? Just plug it into the charger for your iPad or the high-power USB port of a newer model Mac, and it’ll charge much faster than if you use the standard kit charger.

4. Conceal photos

Isn’t it annoying when you hand your phone to someone so they can view a particular photo, and they continue browsing through your gallery? Well, now you can conceal those images by holding your finger on them and then tapping “Hide.” (Note: Any hidden photos can be accessed later from your albums.)

5. Return to the top

If you’ve reached the bottom of a page in your browser and wish to return to the beginning, just tap the top navigation bar.

6. Hide banner notifications

If you’re sitting at dinner with your mother and an inappropriate text message or some other strange notification pops up, don’t panic. Simply touch your finger to the panel and swipe from right to left to make it disappear. If you’d like to avoid these kinds of pop-ups entirely, just go to Settings > Notifications > Messages and turn off the Show Previews option. You’ll still get alerts when you get a text message, you just won’t be able to read any of the message on your home or lock screen.

13 iPhone 6 Hacks Everyone Should Know

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