This Might Be the Only Stain Remover Worth Your Money

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If you want to remove stains from your clothes, OxiClean MaxForce is a great option, according to Consumer Reports.

The publication notes that OxiClean MaxForce “gets rid of stains better than everyday liquid detergent.” However, the performance of this stain remover is a bit of an outlier.

Consumer Reports tested five additional stain removers and found that they were not as good at removing stains as the best liquid detergents.

As part of its testing, the publication used the six products to try to remove eight types of stains.

CR praises OxiClean MaxForce for its ability to remove stains from body oil, dirt, salad dressing, grease, gravy, grass, and blood “with just 5 minutes of soaking time.”

OxiClean MaxForce also removed stains from chocolate ice cream better than the other products tested. (To tackle the last two types of stains, from baby food and black coffee, CR advises allowing it to soak in overnight.)

The publication notes, however, that OxiClean MaxForce costs more per ounce than any other stain remover tested.

As for the other stain removers, Consumer Reports says:

“The other five spray-on laundry stain removers we tested — from Shout, Spray n’ Wash, and OxiClean (a different formula from the MaxForce) — couldn’t match the best liquid detergents from our ratings for getting rid of the eight stains we treat.”

CR used two laundry detergents — Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release and Persil ProClean Stain Fighter — to test this theory.

The publication found that pretreating stains with these detergents “came close enough to the cleaning power of the OxiClean MaxForce that some people might want to use these detergents to pretreat stains and wash their laundry.”

So, how can you best remove stains? If you want to save money and remove stains with laundry detergent, Consumer Reports chemist Rich Handel suggests applying “a dab of detergent to the stain before washing and let it sit.” Doing so should result in removal of the stain when you wash the article of clothing.

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