McDonald’s to Trim Down Drive-Thru Menu

McDonald’s to Trim Down Drive-Thru Menu Photo (cc) by ** RCB **

Goodbye, supersized drive-thru menu. McDonald’s plans to roll out a simpler drive-thru menu, made up of all its customer favorites.

It’s an effort to speed up orders and improve customer service, The Wall Street Journal said. Only the chain’s top-selling drive-thru items will earn a spot on the outside menu boards.

Mickey D’s has received criticism for its long waits in the drive-thru line. A 2013 study by QSR Magazine revealed that the fast-food chain’s average drive-thru wait was 3 minutes, 9 seconds, its longest average wait time in at least 15 years.

McDonald’s also plans to add more midpriced items, between $1.50 and $3, to its menu. It’s an effort to appeal to more consumers.

“McDonald’s franchisees have long complained that customers buy from either the high- or low-end of the menu but don’t have enough so-called midtier items from which to choose,” the WSJ said.

If you’re a breakfast fan, you’ll be happy to hear that McDonald’s is expanding tests of its all-day breakfast, which is currently offered in San Diego only. The all-day breakfast menu will be added to Nashville McDonald’s restaurants this summer.

This is the latest move by the struggling burger chain to woo customers to its restaurants. McDonald’s has endured a sales slump in the United States for six straight quarters.

Earlier this month, the fast-food giant announced a plan to reset its business. The changes planned for the restaurant have less to do with food than image and operational restructuring.

My dad just tested one of McDonald’s new one-third-pound sirloin burgers. He said it was great, and he is typically not a fan of McDonald’s.

What do you think of McDonald’s plan for a new drive-thru menu? Share your comments below.

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