If You Like Movies, This Is the Best Deal You’ll Ever See, Period

Women Watching Movie
Zoriana Zaitseva / Shutterstock.com

MoviePass has lowered its monthly cost that allows you to go to the movie theater as often as you wish.

The subscription service for movies shown in traditional theaters now costs $9.95 each month. You pay that flat monthly fee and receive a debit card of sorts that lets you watch unlimited movies in theaters. According to the company:

As a subscriber, you can see any movie, at any theater, at any time. For your convenience, we currently support more than 91 percent of movie theaters nationwide. Unfortunately, premium formats such as 3D and IMAX will not be included in this plan.

The $9.95 price point is good nationwide. Previously, MoviePass offered tiered pricing. All current subscribers were moved to the $9.95 monthly rate on Aug. 15.

MoviePass has been around for five years but has had to contend with movie theaters’ skepticism and resistance to change. In addition, movie theaters have been raising ticket prices in response to declining attendance.

More than 4,000 theaters — representing more than 36,000 screens — participate in the program.

If you sign up for MoviePass, there is no contract and you are free to cancel at any time. The $9.95 rate is guaranteed for 12 months, but the company notes that “space is limited.” So if you’re interested, sign up sooner rather than later.

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