MoviePass Lets You Watch Unlimited Movies in Theaters

MoviePass Lets You Watch Unlimited Movies in Theaters

A man who helped revolutionize your home movie-watching experience wants to shake up your movie theater experience.

Mitch Lowe, a co-founder of Netflix, has taken over as CEO of MoviePass, Bloomberg reports.

MoviePass is essentially a subscription service for movies shown in traditional theaters. You pay a flat monthly fee and receive a debit card of sorts that enables you to watch unlimited movies in theaters.

Fees depend on your location and the number of movies you see, from two to unlimited, according to MoviePass’ website. Lowe tells Bloomberg that he wants to expand the company’s range of services, however, with subscriptions starting at less than $20 per month.

MoviePass has been around for five years but has had to contend with movie theaters’ skepticism and resistance to change. In addition, movie theaters have been raising ticket prices in response to declining attendance.

Under Lowe, the company plans to launch its first major marketing campaign to help consumers get used to the idea of a movie theater subscription. He tells Bloomberg:

“We’ve got a subscription where you can go to the movies at almost any theater that accepts a debit card, yet people don’t really get how great an experience we can make it.”

Lowe started out as an investor in a movie store chain in the early 1980s, Bloomberg reports. In addition to his role in founding Netflix, his accomplishments include serving as president of Redbox, the video-rental kiosk company.

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