How a Destination Wedding (Sun, Sand, Tropical Drinks) Can Be a Good Deal

A bride-to-be explains how her plan to get married in the Caribbean instead of at home is saving her and the groom money, while promising fun, intimate gathering.

How a Destination Wedding (Sun, Sand, Tropical Drinks) Can Be a Good Deal Photo (cc) by fvK imagen

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You’d be forgiven for wondering why someone who doesn’t tan, craves the shade, and has blood that’s like crack for mosquitoes would choose to get married in the Caribbean. But of all the decisions my fiancé and I have had to make when it comes to this wedding, I think the decision to have the ceremony in Antigua was the easiest one to make.

My other half doesn’t like being the center of attention, so we always knew our wedding would be small. Having it abroad makes that easy, especially given our venue only allows 20 people at a wedding.

We’ll also have been together for seven years by the time we tie the knot. This wedding is not a big public display of commitment (buying a home together two years ago did that).

We’re marrying for various reasons, some sentimental and some practical, but the most important thing for both of us is that the day itself is about us and it’s as relaxed, simple and fuss-free as possible. I have a tendency to stress and worry if things aren’t perfect, so anything that can be done to inject a bit of calm into the proceedings is a good thing. I’m putting a lot of faith in that “don’t worry, be happy” attitude of island life.

But the big thing for us was cost. Weddings are expensive. Honeymoons are expensive. But amazingly, if you put the two together, you can actually save a lot of money. A destination wedding cuts out the need to suddenly pay more than it’s worth to feed and water the hundred or so people you will inevitably have on your list.

We are having a party in our hometown of London upon our return, and even keeping the numbers down as much as we could, we’re looking at more than 100 guests — once your cousins and friends start having kids, the numbers spiral out of control very quickly!

Even though we both have good jobs, neither of us has been saving for years for a dream wedding. There is genuinely no way we would be able to have a more traditional wedding in London with all the people we want to invite. As it is, our party, which includes a BBQ meal and drinks, is looking like it’ll cost almost the same as the entire Antigua trip.


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